Shadowy Contracts is now available on Steam Early Access!

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Shadowy Contracts is now available on Steam Early Access!

Postby ccgr » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:34 am

A stealth RPG created by Canadian developer Mark Nasr, Shadowy Contracts was inspired by sword-and-sorcery movies, the Dark Ages, and classic stealth games from the late '90s. This solo effort manages to feature sharp graphics, extensive character customization, and even a large open world for players to explore :)

Kill List: The Story So Far
In Shadowy Contracts, King Arthur ascends the throne in a world hurting from violence, poverty, and hardship. Not willing to sit and wait while things get better, our protagonist joins an assassin organization – coming to grips with an unexpected magical heritage in the process ...

Shadowy Contracts has a straightforward premise: Take on contracts and eliminate targets for gold ... or die trying! Furthermore – and in keeping with RPG standards – gold can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and effects/enchants. At the start of Early Access, 52 weapons, 38 armor sets, and 21 weapon effects/enchants will be available – with more to come in the near future. Successful assassins can also use their revenue streams to hire and lead mercenaries into battle – raising the stakes in a big way.

"I've loved playing games from a very young age. I used to wonder about how they were actually made – and if I would ever be able to create my own games one day. A part of me has always been fascinated by the stealth genre and what makes those games tick – even more so with games such as Skyrim that combine stealth and combat! After studying software engineering and spending a few years working on smaller games, I finally had the chance to develop my own title. I'm thrilled that it's finally out – and I can't wait to hear from players."

– Mark Nasr (Lead Developer & Founder, ExiledThunder Productions)

Enjoy more than 7 contracts and 4 battle levels – with more coming soon!
Loot and buy more than 52 different weapons, 38 armor sets, and 21 weapon effects/enchants.
Progress by not only looting weapons, but also learning abilities and spells using the talent tree.
Play your way with levels and enemies that scale with you.
Customize your character freely with an extensive character creation system.

Shadowy Contracts is now available on Steam (Windows only) for $9.74 – a 25% discount. On October 10, the game will return to its original retail price of $12.99.

Steam ... _Contracts

Founded in 2019 and based in Ottawa, Canada, ExiledThunder Productions is a small indie studio with big aspirations. After receiving his degree in Software Engineering from the University of Ottawa, founder Mark Nasr began using his skills to develop a number of games. Shadowy Contracts is the first title released under the ExiledThunder brand. To learn more about ExiledThunder Productions and Shadowy Contracts, please visit

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