Luminosity Gaming Launches LG Fortnite House, Signs Four New esports Influencers with Over 7m Followers

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Luminosity Gaming Launches LG Fortnite House, Signs Four New esports Influencers with Over 7m Followers

Postby ccgr » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:31 pm

Luminosity Gaming Launches LG Fortnite House, Signs Four New esports Influencers with Over 7m Followers

TORONTO, June 18, 2019 /CNW/ - Luminosity Gaming, one of the largest and most successful esports organizations in North America, is proud to announce the launch of the Official LG Fortnite House, a content hub and house in Florida featuring 4 of the most popular and innovative creators in Gaming.

[Luminosity Gaming launches LG Fortnite House (CNW Group/LUMINOSITY GAMING)]

Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, and Randumb are joining the #LGLoyal family, bringing their unique and diverse mix of style and charisma to an already stacked roster of Luminosity creators, and will continue to create daily content for their existing fanbase.

Collectively, the new YouTubers boast an impressive following, adding to the Luminosity social network:

Over 900,000 Twitter followers
Over 7,000,000 YouTube subscribers
Over 1,000,000,000 YouTube total video views

Each adds a unique element to the ever-growing #LGLoyal family:

Formula, AKA Alex Kushelevskiy, started his career in gaming managing a number of popular organizations, eventually deciding to pursue a career as a creator. With immense dedication, he has amassed a large following through Fortnite, leading to his tremendous growth of over 1,400,000 subscribers.
Kiwiz AKA John Payne rose to fame on YouTube as a content creator in Fortnite, growing a subscriber base over 1,800,000 subscribers. His popularity has exploded over the last year, finding great fan response and success through his daily content.
Nicks AKA Nick Spoerke began his career as a creator in Call of Duty, followed by embracing Fortnite content, which has led to the monumental growth of a fan base of over 1,800,000 subscribers.
Randumb AKA Jordan Schneider began his career on YouTube in early 2015, amassing his initial fan base with rapid growth in Call of Duty. Once he made the switch to Fortnite, he experienced even more success, with a passionate fan base totaling over 2,000,000 subscribers.

Within 24 hours of the announcement, the Luminosity YouTube channel saw an increase of close to 100,000 new followers. With their addition, the Luminosity online fanbase increases from approximately 50 Million followers to over 58 Million total followers.

"Welcoming Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, and Randumb to Luminosity adds another new and unique creative element to our franchise,'' said Luminosity President, Steve Maida. "We are on a mission to collaborate with players, influencers, and creators that can engage with our amazing fans, while we continue to build the best esports team on the planet. Content is a huge part of our mission, and these guys are a perfect fit for our team."

The four will be joined by Julian Castro, former Owner and General Manager of Obey Alliance, which was recently acquired by Infinite esports. Castro joins Luminosity in the role of Creative Director, further bolstering the team's integrated content and creative unit.

The LG Fortnite House announcement comes on the heels of the proposed merger between Luminosity Gaming and Enthusiast Gaming, announced on May 31st, 2019, which would include esports teams in various gaming titles, 40 esports/gaming influencers, 80+ gaming media websites, and 900+ YouTube and Twitch channels, to create a globally leading organization that will produce the best and most engaging experiences for a massive audience of approximately 200 million.

Luminosity Gaming (LG) is a North American professional esports organization. Founded in 2015, in Canada by Steve Maida with the goal of enabling aspiring competitive gamers to ultimately create sustainable careers, the company now hosts some of the best professional gamers in the World. Luminosity has teams and championships in game titles such as Fortnite, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, PUBG, Halo, Madden and more. Luminosity scouts and hires players and teams who compete on the company's behalf in tournaments online and in arenas around the world for prize money. Through those efforts, Luminosity has grown to be one of the largest and most successful esports organizations not only in North America, but the World.


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