Broken Lines

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Broken Lines

Postby Portaplay » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:27 pm

Hi there everyone,

My name is Nis and I work with a small Danish indie game studio called PortaPlay. As a big fan of Turn-Based Strategy, I'm actually thrilled to be in the pivileged position of working on a game that I would actually want to play, regardless of my job!

So what is this amazing game you ask? What is it about?
Well, it is called Broken Lines, and it is a semi-turn-based tactical game set in World War 2. If you are a fan of games such as the original XCOM or the Banner Saga, you'll find the gameplay of Broken Lines very familiar. However, our game focuses heavily on the story of eight very distinct characters that gives you a much more personal relationship with the game and its characters.

So, have I managed to pique your interest? If so great, you can learn more about the game by first checking out this short video about the game:

You can then also check us out on Steam, and when you're there, why not add us to your wishlist!
And we also have a website

Any feedback is more than welcome, we want get the game out to as many as we can and be the best it can.


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