New Oculus Quest Accessories From VR Cover

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New Oculus Quest Accessories From VR Cover

Postby ccgr » Thu May 16, 2019 3:42 pm

Delivering Lasting VR Hygiene and Comfort

BANGKOK, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- VR Cover, the market leader in virtual reality headset accessories, has launched a range of Oculus Quest foams, facial interfaces and cotton covers alongside the release of the headset.

The accessories keep the device clean while making the headset feel comfortable even in extended gaming sessions.

"Customers are playing longer in these increasingly immersive headsets," said Matthias Hoffrichter, managing director of VR Cover. "So our products must handle the heavy usage without compromising on hygiene and comfort."

Key Product Benefits

Their latest offerings for the Oculus Quest are sold in 2 sets - one is a modular kit with a facial interface and 2 PU leather foam replacements; the other is a pack of 2 machine-washable cotton covers.

The foam pads come in standard and comfort versions. Both are moisture-resistant and help prevent light leakage.

The slimmer standard pad fits tighter, bringing one closer to the display and thereby increasing the field of view. The thicker comfort version distributes the weight of the device better and allows more room for prescription frames.

The absorbent cotton covers are great at keeping sweat off and preventing the headset from getting water-damaged. Dirty covers can be quickly swapped out for a clean one whenever necessary.

Installation is simple. The foams adhere to the velcroed interface and the whole thing snaps into the headset. The cotton covers fit snugly via a hook and strap system, ensuring they stay in place during a VR session.

"Whether it's to experience a softer feel, a better FOV or a cleaner interface, we're confident our customers will enjoy using these accessories," said Matthias.

The Oculus Quest Foam and Interface Set and Oculus Quest VR Cover are available on

About VR Cover

VR Cover is dedicated to producing high-quality accessories to enhance the VR experience by making it more comfortable, clean and convenient. Since 2014, we have been the market leader in the VR accessory field and have sold our products to over 100 000 customers worldwide.

VR Cover was the first company to sell hygiene solutions for the Oculus Rift DK2. We now produce accessories for most headsets. Whether you want to make the headset more comfortable, push immersion to the max, or need a hygiene solution for multiple users, our products have you covered.

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