SpeedBrackets Innovative Sports App Gives You the Ability to Change Your Picks at Any Time – No More Busted Brackets

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SpeedBrackets Innovative Sports App Gives You the Ability to Change Your Picks at Any Time – No More Busted Brackets

Postby ccgr » Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:48 am

A Fantasy Sports Game-Changer: SpeedBrackets Innovative Sports App Gives You the Ability to Change Your Picks at Any Time – No More Busted Brackets

SpeedBrackets provides a digital experience that changes the dynamics of in-game competition and excitement for fantasy players and casual fans alike.

IRVINE, Calif., March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Want a shot at one million dollars? Looking to have more fun playing fantasy sports? Do you want to have a chance to beat the competition – every time – up until the final buzzer, whistle or gun? Introducing SpeedBrackets (https://speedbrackets.com/), the new app that allows players to change their original pick at any point during a sporting event and still and have a chance to win. And to celebrate their launch, SpeedBrackets is offering a One Million Dollar Perfect Bracket Challenge for March Madness 2019. The best part? Even if you can't be perfect, you can still compete and ensure you never lose another game the rest of the tournament. With SpeedBrackets, your brackets never bust, and you are never out of the game.

Initially conceived to solve the 'busted brackets' problem so often faced during the excitement of March Madness, with participants' interest waning once they were eliminated (often in the first round). No matter what happens to your team throughout a game, you will be able to continuously adjust your picks to maximize your points as much as possible, even down to the last seconds.

How SpeedBrackets Works:

Users can customize competitions for individual rounds of a tournament or for the overall championship. At the end of each game, points are allotted on a leaderboard in real-time, allowing pool managers and their members to monitor instant results of first through last place. To get started, simply:

Register: Easily register and create your profile.
Join: Join pools or create your own. Invite all of your friends, family, coworkers, clients, customers, etc., with a simple email address. Many pools will award prizes at the completion of each tournament or playoff round, as well as for the total overall championship
Fill out your bracket. Pick your favorites from the "play-in" games to the championship.
Watch the games: SpeedBrackets makes the perfect "second-screen" while watching the action on TV or even live courtside. All the games and all their information on one screen, even the ones being played simultaneously, all on one screen.
Adjust your picks: Switch your selection of winning teams, right up to the last second of a game. Remember, the sooner you choose the correct winner, the more points you earn.
Notifications: Easily toggle notifications on or off for alerts, from "Games about to start in 5 minutes" or "Your team is losing with 5 minutes left in the game" And just in case you don't switch a losing team and pick the winner, it conveniently reminds you that "Your bracket needs attention" – telling you that one of your teams lost and didn't make it to the next round and you have to adjust your bracket.

SpeedBrackets' Men's College Basketball 2019 Championship app is currently available for free download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Please visit (https://speedbrackets.com/) to learn all about SpeedBrackets and how to take your fantasy sports experience to the next level.

ABOUT SpeedBrackets
SpeedBrackets was created to solve the problem of fan detachment that results from the dreaded busted bracket. SpeedBrackets designed an application that solves that issue while introducing a fun and competitive way for sports fans to experience real-time scores, stats, news, and play-by-play reports for all sporting competitions.

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