Retake the planet from an aggressive AI in VR shooter NAKED SUN – heading to HTC Vive/SteamVR & Oculus July 17

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Retake the planet from an aggressive AI in VR shooter NAKED SUN – heading to HTC Vive/SteamVR & Oculus July 17

Postby ccgr » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:30 am

In the mood to stop a machine uprising dead in its tracks?

The action-packed VR first-person shooter Naked Sun is on a collision course with
HTC Vive/SteamVR and Oculus – releasing into the wild on July 17. According to
UK-based developer Door Z, the PSVR version will be released in late August.

If you’ve found previous VR shooters to be tiresome or nausea-inducing, check out
Naked Sun. The game’s stunning visuals – rendered over a 180-degree field of action
– are perfect for devices without room scale. You’ll also avoid motion sickness

Naked Sun places you on a futuristic cargo train bound for the Mexico City arcology
(once the global capital) on a mission to bring the city’s automated defense systems
down. Retaking Mexico City is the first step – and the only way – to bring humanity
back from the brink.

If you enjoy shooting things in VR, you’re in for a treat: There are plenty of
androids and end-level bosses to defeat ... assuming you survive the ride, that is!

At the start of the 23rd century, humans finally lost the Earth to artificial
intelligence. Machines turned against their creators as every android was updated
with a new prime directive: Eliminate all humans. Abandoned cities, high radiation
levels, and the constant android threat has pushed humanity to the brink of
extinction. A handful of survivors hide in the Deadlands – ruins of ancient cities
destroyed by nuclear wars – and are doggedly fighting back. However, the enemy is
stronger – and the only way humans can survive is to attack.

* Enjoy a 180-degree field of action – perfect for devices without room-scale
* Experience intense action without a hint of motion sickness.
* Immerse yourself in a detailed, high-speed world.
* Go tactical with destructible in-game objects.
* Take in the sights with a stunning, constantly changing environment.

Naked Sun will be available on Steam and Oculus, Tuesday, July 17 at $11.19 (30%
off). The game will return to its original price of $15.99 on July 24 – one week
after launch. The PSVR version will be released in late August.

Steam URL:




Download ... n.mp4?dl=0

*Screenshots & Logos*


Download ...

Based in London and founded in 2017 by Maksim Burdilov, Door Z Studio is an
independent developer that creates immersive VR experiences featuring high-speed
movement and constant action. Other team members include game designer Alexey
Kurbatov, C++ programmer Alexey Kryshen, Unreal developer Andrey Lebedev, gameplay
designer Arseniy Golovinsky, visual designer Stas Mikhailov, and sound designer
Andrew Netdog. Fast-paced, futuristic VR shooter Naked Sun is the studio’s first
title. For more information on Door Z Studio and Naked Sun, please visit

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