Sci-fi game Ice Caves of Europa - Available now on PC and Mac!

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Sci-fi game Ice Caves of Europa - Available now on PC and Mac!

Postby ccgr » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:43 pm

Interplanetary thriller ​Ice Caves of Europa launches today on Steam ​

Science fiction adventure blends big philosophical ideas with tense precision flying

July 10th, 2018 - Melbourne, Australia​ — Conor O’Kane, the director of indie game studio Io Normal,
is very pleased to announce the launch of his long-awaited science fiction thriller Ice Caves of Europa.
O’Kane’s passion project blends near-future space exploration with tense low-gravity flying, wrapped up
in a dramatic story that asks challenging questions about the nature of humanity.

After a comet impact smashes open the frozen crust of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, an intelligent flying
robot named Verne is sent to explore the exposed ice caves. Dodging meteor bombardment, geyser
eruptions, and cave-ins, Verne ventures deep beneath the surface to look for signs of alien life. What he
finds instead is evidence of a sinister interplanetary conspiracy, one that he may be powerless to stop.

● Free-flowing precision flight through hazardous caves
● Gripping science fiction story packed with discovery, deception and betrayal
● Cool hardware inspired by real spaceflight and computing technology
● Bonus time-trial levels with online leaderboards
● Full controller support
● Haunting ambient-electronic soundtrack by Moth Li

Ice Caves of Europa is available today on Steam for Windows and Mac, at a special introductory price of
USD$8.99, a 10% discount from its standard price of USD$9.99.

Game creator Conor O’Kane said, “This is a game I’ve wanted to make for many years and thanks to a
grant from Film Victoria I’ve finally been able to make it happen. I want people to be excited by science
and space exploration, and by making a game about Europa I hope to inspire people to think of it as a
real place that we can explore. Fear of technology and a lack of scientific understanding are impeding
our progress, so I think it’s important to make games that deal with science in a way that both entertains
and informs. Ultimately, Ice Caves of Europa is a blend of many things that I feel passionate about, and
it’s been a wonderful challenge to make those ideas mesh seamlessly together.”

Io Normal is a Melbourne-based game development studio directed by veteran developer Conor O’Kane.
The company has released multiple iOS titles and offers contracting services for simulation and VR. Ice
Caves of Europa is the company’s first Steam release. Prior to founding Io Normal, O’Kane was known
for creating award-winning shoot-em-ups such as Go Beryllium and serious games, including Harpooned
the Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator.

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