Eden Rising: Supremacy "Eden Underground" Patch goes live June 20th!

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Eden Rising: Supremacy "Eden Underground" Patch goes live June 20th!

Postby ccgr » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:09 am

Eden Rising: Supremacy "Eden Underground" Patch goes live June 20th!

New lands to uncover in the depths of Eden

Montreal, Canada, June 14, 2018 - A little less than a month ago, Eden Rising: Supremacy made its debut to Early Access with its unique tower defense open world mashup gameplay receiving praise from players and reviewers alike. Nvizzio Creations also released a content roadmap to detail their plans for the future development of the game.

The first of several significant content updates will be arriving Tuesday, June 20th! The Eden Underground patch introduces a world beneath the surface of Eden where new dangers, secrets and resources lie, waiting for players to uncover them. In addition to these new areas in the world, players will also be able to wield an all-new weapon type, craft armor dyes, and express themselves using the all-new emote system.

Once hidden beneath the surface, Eden Rising: Supremacy unearths a new sub-region with its own ecosystem and terrain to explore.

Unique flora thrives in the labyrinth-like caverns of Eden, lighting an eerie path into the depths. New monstrous challenges lurk in the dark, guarding rare resources from trespassers!

Gear up and express yourself with crafted armor dyes, a brand new weapon type, and new emotes, all included in this newest update.

Armor Dyes – Players will now have the ability to craft new dyes to tint their gear to a variety of new colors to stand out from the crowd.

New Weapon Type – Null Batons – A fast dual-wield weapon that manipulates negative energy - the more hits you land, the more damage you deal!

Emotes – Tribes will now be able to use emotes to communicate with one another in-game.

Eden Rising: Supremacy is available to play now on Steam for $14.99

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