Towards The Pantheon releases on Steam &!

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Towards The Pantheon releases on Steam &!

Postby ccgr » Wed May 16, 2018 11:38 pm

After almost 2 years of hard work, the exciting new 2D RPG Towards The
Pantheon released on Steam and on May 16th. Towards The Pantheon is
a turn based 2D RPG with unique twists on the classic formula. Gone are
genre standards of elemental types, elixirs, elves, inns, and generic love
stories. Instead players of Towards The Pantheon will ride hamsters,
journey through a survival horror inspired mansion, collect dead memories,
eat copious amounts of sushi, and partake in regular chats around the

In Towards The Pantheon, a group known as The Sworn Light have been gaining
power throughout the world through divide and conquer tactics. While the
humans, felines, electropunks, and ghosts argue amongst themselves, The
Sworn Light are taking advantage of each situation in order to take
ultimate control. One day Keltoi village chief Wuotan summons his strongest
warrior Freyja to embark on a long and dangerous journey. Her mission is to
trek towards The Pantheon to defeat the source of The Sworn Light before
the world falls into chaos. Along the way Freyja and her party will battle
deadly enemies, make new friends, and encountered long forgotten horrors!

Features include:


Over 10 hours of gameplay including sidequests and myriads of secrets.

Unlockable NewGame+ mode and cheat codes for additional replay value.

Ability to switch between party members in the overworld to use their
unique mechanics.

An eclectic original soundtrack consisting of over 65 songs which
incorporate elements from orchestral, noise, drone, breakbeat, and chiptune

A massive fully connected overworld with the ability to ride Speedsters
to cut down on backtracking.

Turn based combat system where each character has unique battle stats
and mechanics.

Collectible cards and combos found throughout the world that can be used
during battle.

More than 10 regions to explore including lush forests, cities full of
kitties, electropunk metropolises, barren wastelands, and a dark mysterious

Dialog and support systems that allow for further character development
and stat boosts.

A unique and complex overarching story line that ties together all
subplots and backstories.

Over 45 unique enemies and a dozen boss battles.

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