Western-Themed VR Shooter Game, ‘Hopalong: The Badlands,’ Now Available On Steam

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Western-Themed VR Shooter Game, ‘Hopalong: The Badlands,’ Now Available On Steam

Postby ccgr » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:17 pm

Western-Themed VR Shooter Game, ‘Hopalong: The Badlands,’ Now Available On Steam

Denton, TX, Dec. 6, 2017 - Are you the fastest gun in the West? Find out for sure in Hopalong: The Badlands, the Western-themed virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter now available on Steam for PC, from the independent studio From the Future.

Hopalong: The Badlands is a VR game where violence and comedy combine with a one-of-a-kind movement system.Using a proprietary locomotion method called OscillotTM, From the Future has put the spurs to the fun, while mostly corralling motion fatigue issues that are common in other VR games.

In Hopalong: The Badlands, players can immerse themselves in the wild West, riding a stick horse, where they can hop, skip or simply wave their stick horse up and down to gallop smoothly through the western landscape. As the new Sheriff in town, players ride the dusty trails and use a variety of weapons to take down members of the silly yet dangerous Dynamite Gang and their leader, Boss Boomity.

Hopalong: The Badlands’ “quickdraw” ability shows off VR at its best by allowing players to slow down time around them and perform multiple shots in rapid succession. This feature paired with enemy types such as the “Heavy Boomity” create a more dynamic and challenging experience for players.

“Players are going to have a blast playing this game because its combination of laughs and action will create a memorable and deeply immersive VR experience,” said Mike Christian, CEO of From The Future. “The player experience is a unique one for VR, as motion issues are mitigated by our locomotion technology, allowing the players to fill their enemies with hot lead for hours.”

Developed in-house, Hopalong: The Badlands has been the focus of a veteran artist and software team, drawing inspiration from past projects such as Trouble in Tin Town. Hopalong’s release on Steam includes a cattle drive’s worth of content. The game features include:

-OscillotTM locomotion system for intuitive movement through the landscape.

-Murderous stick-horse riding outlaws made out of wood.

-Weapons! Players start with an eight shooter. Unlock a pick, double barrel shotgun, sniper rifle and dynamite as you progress.

-Fight Boss Boomity and his flying stick-pig, Pigasus, in an intense night-time battle.

-Earn new stick horses as you progress, even Pigasus!

-Dodge dynamite or shoot it while it's in the air back at the imbecile that threw it.

-Enemies with Gatling guns? Run!

Hopalong: The Badlands is available on PC through Steam, and releases for $24.99.

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