Enter the Warzone: Closed Beta for High-Tech Military Shooter Ironsight Begins Today

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Enter the Warzone: Closed Beta for High-Tech Military Shooter Ironsight Begins Today

Postby ccgr » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:00 pm

Publisher gamigo AG has officially launched the closed beta for the South Korean PC shooter Ironsight today, marking the first time that the game is officially available in the west.

Although F2P, Ironsight offers compelling fast-paced tactical gameplay, gorgeous visuals and a gaming experience that rivals its premium-priced FPS brethren. It’s the year 2025; natural resources are dwindling, and warring factions utilizing the best technology has to offer — including tactical drones and mechs — battle on every corner of the world to stake their claim.

Three limited-time Ironsight Founder's Packs: Soldier, Sergeant and General are available for purchase; each are packed with exclusive perks, skins, boosters and provide instant access to the closed beta (plus early access to the open beta next month).

If you’d like media access to the November closed beta, or would like to talk with gamigo AG about their plans to bring Ironsight to the west, please let us know.


Ironsight Website: https://ironsightgame.com

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