Announcing New "Moses" Game 100% Supporting Refugee Crisis

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Announcing New "Moses" Game 100% Supporting Refugee Crisis

Postby ccgr » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:26 am

With an estimated 1 out of every 100 people on earth seeking shelter, the plight of the refugee has never been more urgent—and on March 15, Oxfam will mark the sixth year since the Syrian conflict began.

However, there’s hope even in the face of such grim statistics, and a groundbreaking new mobile game offers a response to injustice that’s positively Biblical, crying: “Let my people go!” And we hope you might cover it at Christ Centered Gamer.

Meet Moses the Freedom Fighter, the new free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS that’s making history by giving 100% of its optional donations to Oxfam America’s Syria and Refugee Crisis Response Fund forever.

As former refugees themselves, the creators of Moses the Freedom Fighter at Ayotree (Chinh and Khoa Vu) know the refugee experience firsthand; their family fled Vietnam in 1979 to safety in Southern California. Moses the Freedom Fighter is their statement—using computer code as the canvas—against racism, slavery, and oppression, and in support of freedom for all.

With Moses the Freedom Fighter, as you ascend through 7 different levels of classic retro gameplay, you’ll help Moses free his people, fight injustice, end slavery and establish the Ten Commandments, all while supporting Oxfam America, which receives 100% of the game’s ad revenue and optional donations. The game includes clever challenges, vibrant animation, and spotlights one of the Bible’s most unforgettable tales and heroes. Giving to Oxfam is as easy as viewing an ad or tapping a button, and with every ad or optional donation, Moses the Freedom Fighter will be helping exiles fleeing genocide and oppression. It’s thrilling mobile gameplay that satisfies both heart and soul.

Helpful Links:

Press Release (Newswire), with Screen Shots, Captions & More: ... 109831.htm

Moses the Freedom Fighter Microsite:

iOS Game Download ( iTunes): ... 1145186524

Android Game Download (Google Play): ... oses&hl=en

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