WanadevStudio announces the development of its new PC game, Vestiges: Fallen Tribes

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WanadevStudio announces the development of its new PC game, Vestiges: Fallen Tribes

Lyon, France, December 7, 2023 - French independent studio WanadevStudio is pleased to announce the development of its new PC and VR game, Vestiges: Fallen Tribes, with a first trailer.

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes is a strategic card game mixed with an autobattler, set in a tribal sci-fi universe. Set in a world where water has become a rarity, Vestiges: Fallen Tribes lets players lead a tribe and compete with other players in strategic battles to gain control of the water. To win, you'll need to improve your deck of cards, make the right tactical decisions and place your soldiers strategically on the battlefield!

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes will be announced on Steam shortly, and a demo is scheduled for early 2024.

To keep up to date with the latest news from WanadevStudio, visit the dedicated website, Instagram, X WanadevStudio account, X Vestiges: Fallen Tribes account, Facebook and join Discord.

About WanadevStudio

WanadevStudio is an independent studio based in Lyon, France, run by a group of enthusiasts involved in the development of immersive games. Building on its expertise in VR with the two successful licenses Ragnarock and Propagation VR, WanadevStudio is now developing its new PC game project Vestiges: Fallen Tribes. https://www.wanadevstudio.com/home

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