Songs of Silence Closed Beta Updated

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Songs of Silence Closed Beta Updated

New maps and modes available as sign-ups re-open

Munich, Germany. EMBARGOED: 2pm CET December 7th, 2023.

Songs of Silence, the gorgeous, story-rich strategy 4X from Chimera Entertainment due in Spring 2024, is re-opening sign ups for its closed beta on Steam on December 11th. The beta will be updated with brand new content, including new maps and units, as well as the addition of multiplayer mode.

Players can sign up for the beta here. They will also be directed to our Discord where they can report bugs and arrange multiplayer matches.

The beta will be version agnostic, so saved games will work between updates.

Full feature list:
- Main menu update with all 3 main game modes: campaign, singleplayer skirmish, multiplayer
- New version agnostic save/load system

- Campaign maps 01 - 03 fully playable
- Campaign progression system and map unlock

- 18 maps (9 each of light/dark) with selectable map size and heroes

- Same maps available in multiplayer and we will have all map setup features available. We will star with the Quick Join option and maybe later on include the private match option as well

Community Feedback
Thanks to amazing community feedback during the Closed Beta in Summer and after playing the demo, we were also able to add a lot of bugfixes based directly on player requests:

Space-bar to pause/unpause the battle
Play combat cards during the paused battle
Neutral enemy (AI) has been improved
Skirmish parameters have been added for more control and variety
You can now select your starting hero before a skirmish game
Savegames have been worked on
Now you can see that the game is regularly auto-saving
Numerous bug-fixes, minor and major improvements, tweaks, fine-tuning, balancing, too many to list!

Watch Splattercat's coverage of our Next Fest demo!

Chimera Entertainment employs around 60 people and is one of the largest teams within the international game developer family of remote control productions. Founded in 2006, our experienced and diverse team has developed over 25 games across five platforms and is best known for bringing deep RPG gameplay to the Angry Birds franchise. The mobile RPG Angry Birds Epic is Chimera’s biggest international success, with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Other award-winning productions are Sacred Legends, Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel, and Angry Birds Evolution (2017).

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