Wage War Medieval Style in Broadsword: Warlord Edition

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Wage War Medieval Style in Broadsword: Warlord Edition

Historically-inspired strategy game coming to PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™ and PC

Portland, Ore. — December 7, 2023 — GS2 Games announced that Broadsword: Warlord Edition is coming May 7, 2024 to retail for PlayStation®5 and Nintendo Switch™. Designed and developed by Hoplite Research Games, Broadsword: Warlord Edition, the turn-based tactical strategy game recreates historical conflicts in Medieval Europe, allowing players to reimagine battles featuring legendary figures such as Henry III and Joan of Arc. Broadsword: Warlord Edition is also available now on Steam.

Turn-based strategy gameplay compels players through dramatic missions in the Middle Ages as they take command of one of five different armies: the English, the French, the Spanish, the Poles or the Hapsburgs, and see their troops fight boldly in full 3D battle action! Lead various units into battle, including archers, winged hussars, knights, longbowmen, pikemen, and catapults, with special units depending on nationality. Special units feature historical figures such as Henry III, Joan of Arc, Wladylaw I of Poland, Peter of Castile and others who bestow special 'hero' powers and can affect the entire battlefield with a strategic advantage.

Plan wisely! Historically accurate maps provide distinct weather conditions that can help or hinder your troops. Players can utilize the environment to gain defensive bonuses and healing, or suffer movement penalties. Construct and upgrade buildings like town centers, mines, mills and farms to raise units and create resources for your empire. Research different technologies like forestry, ballistics, husbandry and more to advance your empire’s technology. Tactical use of mercenaries can strengthen your army and give you an edge.

“We wanted to bring a tabletop miniatures feel to gaming as way as to introduce historical characters and epic tales for all ages” states Manny Granillo, Head Designer. In addition to five single-player campaigns to conquer, Broadsword: Warlord Edition features a Champion Mode which lets players create custom single-player matches on a variety of battlefields, as well as hotseat multiplayer for head-to-head PvP games. The game supports Steam Remote Play and can be played in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Broadsword: Warlords Edition has been rated “E10” by the ESRB. For more information, visit gs2games.com/broadsword-warlord-ed

About GS2 Games

GS2 Games is a licensed PlayStation®, Xbox and Nintendo Switch™ publisher and distributor of video games across the globe. Founded in 2019 by industry veteran Len Ciciretto, the independent company seeks to bring a wide range of games for all ages to market. gs2games.com

About Hoplite Research Games

Hoplite Research, LLC is a licensed PlayStation® & Nintendo Switch™ publisher and developer. Now in its 23rd year with industry veterans from EA, MAXIS, SEGA, & MINDSCAPE, Hoplite Research Games continues to create fun games for all ages.

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