God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse Enters The Underworld on PSVR2 in 2024

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God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse Enters The Underworld on PSVR2 in 2024

Explore a new story mode with fresh levels and songs featured in UploadVR Showcase

LOS ANGELES – DEC. 6, 2023 – God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse, the VR heavy metal rhythm game from developer and publisher VYERSOFT, will come to PSVR2 alongside a new story mode campaign. Meta Quest and SteamVR riff lords can play the story mode Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024, which will be available when the PSVR2 version launches in 2024.

The Lord of Silence has taken over the Metalverse. A land once fueled by screeching guitars and wailing solos is now shrouded in silence. Answer the call of The Roadie, the last guardian to escape the dark lord's clutches, to restore a trebled world to its former glory. Embark on a journey with a new axe update, new skins, new songs, and two new levels.

Pick up a set of twin axes and cut down the hordes of ungrateful dead. Swiftly synchronize slashes to the beat across biomes reflecting the various styles of rock. Traverse through Celtic Metal Forests, visit the muggy waters surrounding the Pirate Metal Docks, and explore the subterranean Dungeon of Death Metal. Headbang to shrieking guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and the original works of bands like The Tiberian Sons and cameos from hit games like SWERY’s The Good Life.

Foiling the Lord of Silence plans is no easy task. Team up with The Roadie, learn to take down the scum of the underworld and end the unholy crusade. Easy to learn but difficult to master, expertly swing the battle axes with accuracy and strength. Earn more points with each nimble strike and rise to the top of the leaderboards. After completing the campaign, use the newly unlocked axes, skins, songs and enemy variants in classic arcade mode.

“As hardcore fans of both virtual reality and rhythm-based combat, we set out to create a unique experience for metalheads of the VR community,” said Matt Conn, Company Director, Vyersoft. “With this new update we hope to bring in new audiences and give returning players a refreshing, redesigned experience to come back to.”

God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse’s new story mode campaign will be available as a free content update to players who already own God of Riffs, and is currently available on Meta Quest and PC via Steam for $19.99 USD and will be discounted 40% for Steam VR Fest until Dec. 11, 2023, also releasing on PSVR2 in 2024.

To learn more and stay up to date, please visit the official website, Facebook page, Instagram, and follow on Twitter.


VYERSOFT LLC. is a new publisher made up of game industry veterans who have worked on titles such as 2064: Read Only Memories, Command & Conquer and ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove! The team believes in bringing new unique gaming experiences using emerging technologies as a new, innovative medium.

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