Build, Plan… Prosper? - Create the town of your dreams beside friends in Go-Go Town! in 2024’s PlayTest

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Build, Plan… Prosper? - Create the town of your dreams beside friends in Go-Go Town! in 2024’s PlayTest

As revealed at Wholesome Snack - hold on to your hats, roll up your sleeves and sign up for Go-Go Town!’s upcoming couch co-op playtest

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND – Dec. 6, 2023 - Today, Australian developer Prideful Sloth, beside publisher CULT Games, invites players to the upcoming Steam playtest for town building, social & life simulation game Go-Go Town!, coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2024.

Watch the Wholesome Snack gameplay trailer here and sign up for the playtest launching February 2024 today:

Once a bustling hub of tourists and culture, Go-Go Town! has fallen far from its prime. As soon as you arrive, you will find yourself (involuntarily) volunteering the role of Mayor, where it will be up to you and your friends to save the town and bring life (and tourists!) back to its heart.

In the upcoming playtest, players can look forward to:

Creating and managing a thriving town - balancing townie happiness, commerce, transport and construction!
Building and constructing from scratch - from taking charge with a chainsaw to diving into the depths of the local quarry with a drill, it’ll be up to you and your friends to collect the materials to build the world as you see fit.
Constructing a bustling hub of shiny shop boutiques, and hiring your favorite townies to run them!
Managing your profits - How will your shops generate income? What will they sell? How will you ensure that your supply chains stay intact? All decisions come down to you, Mayor!
Transporting yourself (& your materials) in style - Pushing the various transport options to their very limit - hang on to your hard hat as you careen over the land in your go-kart or master the ollie on your skateboard.
Growing your community spirit - Convincing your eager tourists to become a part of your townsfolk!

Built from the minds of AAA industry veterans at Brisbane-based developer Prideful Sloth, the development team, led by a former Activision producer and Rocksteady Technical Artist and Engineer, are bringing players a world of their imagination in Go-Go Town!

Launching in 2024, Go-Go Town! will give players even more agency over what they create, customize, and how they run their town. With many gameplay expansions still to come in:

Various incredible establishments to create (from flashy, premium dance clubs, to vibrant neon arcades)
Even more ways to earn your keep (mining, fishing, and raising very adorable livestock!)
Automating all your town’s processes (hiring shopkeepers, artisans and hot dog sellers),
Transforming your town via terraforming, and creating roads for your various vehicles
Continuously expanding, upgrading and evolving your town!

Players who sign up for the playtest today can ensure to stay up to date with all developments in this vibrant, charming town creation simulator!

Go-Go Town!’s co-op playtest will launch in February 2024. Sign up for the playtest here!

To stay up to date with the latest Go-Go Town! updates, be sure to follow the official website, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and YouTube pages, and wishlist the game on Steam.

About Prideful Sloth

Prideful Sloth is an Australian team comprised of seasoned developers who have worked on AAA properties including Batman: Arkham, The Elder Scrolls, DmC: Devil May Cry, Rock Band, Guitar Hero , and Rome: Total War. The team seeks to utilize their aptitude for crafting rich, visually stunning worlds packed with compelling content that offers players free agency.

Go-Go Town! is supported by the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland’s Digital Games Incentive.

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