UNITED 1944 launches on Early Access on December 12th

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UNITED 1944 launches on Early Access on December 12th

The WWII-themed shooter brings a new layer of construction and building to the FPS action

Barcelona, Spain, December 6th, 2023 - Spanish developer Novarama is excited to announce the release of UNITED 1944, a unique blend of shooter, strategy and survival, coming to Steam Early Access on December 12th. After several public betas, involving thousands of players from all around the world, UNITED 1944 delivers an innovative multiplayer FPS experience, presenting World War 2 in a new way.

Two large maps and two unique game modes await: fight in France, where the push inward of the Allies was at its peak after D-Day, or North Africa, where battles for control of large regions had an important effect in changing the tide of war. Enter Domination, a 16 vs 16 squad-based battle with base building and territorial control, or jump into Survivor mode, which turns you into a lone wolf at the height of WW2 and brings an extraction-based experience to the game. Any way you choose, you’ll be scavenging for resources, fortifying bases, defending outposts, crafting your gear and fighting the enemy in WWII battles that aim to be realistic yet rooted in fun gameplay.

Novarama is happy to announce the Early Access of UNITED 1944 will feature a third map, deploying players into the open French countryside, where they will fight for the control of farms, assault bunkers, defend hilltop fortified positions and open fields, to stop the enemy advance in a completely different setting. The Early Access launch will also feature new makeshift guns, including a semi-automatic blow back operated pistol for a mid to close range sustained fire, and an automatic submachine gun heavily inspired in the Polish Bechowiec gun with its iconic top slide.

This brings the total content for the December 12th launch to two game modes, three large maps, more than 20 weapons, and more than 40 skills, with more on its way starting in early 2024.

In the twilight battles of WWII, UNITED 1944 blends the intensity of shooter gameplay with crafting, building, strategy, and teamwork. Inspired by late-war guerrilla skirmishes, choose between team-based urban warfare or solo survival in a historically rich setting. Explore this no man’s land to find resources you can use to craft weapons and gear that will turn the tide of battle. Use the environment to your advantage: build defensive walls, set mines, and set up outposts to gain territorial advantage. Choose from 40+ skills to play your part: a sniper from the rooftops, a frontline medic, or a demolition expert. Switch up your roles and weapon loadouts mid-battle. Customize your hero: be a soldier, a resistance member, a civilian. Write your own World War II story.

Game Features:

16 vs 16 territorial control urban warfare in the Domination mode and a sandbox extraction mode for up to 24 players in the Survivor mode.
Three large maps with advanced outposts to conquer, with more coming soon, and freeform building of walls, doors, barricades, and platforms to fortify positions.
In-session skill tree with 40+ skills to choose mid-battle.
20+ weapons including WWII classics, like M1 Garand, MP40, or the Kar98k, and makeshift resistance weapons.
Solid weapon model: damage falloff, ballistics projectiles, recoil, and spread, and weapon audio recorded live from original World War II guns.
Full communications system: ping, VoIP (proximity, squad), text chat.

UNITED 1944 will be available on December 12th for $29.99 USD / 29.99 € / £24.99 and will have a 20% launch discount during one week. A Twitch drops campaign will be happening during the launch week for exclusive rewards to Twitch viewers. More details on these rewards will be shared soon.

For more information on UNITED 1944:

Official site: https://www.united1944.com/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2152790/UNITED_1944/
Discord: https://discord.gg/united1944
Twitter: https://twitter.com/United_1944
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/united1944game
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/united_1944/

About Novarama

Novarama was founded in 2003 with a simple idea in mind: to create innovative games with mass-market appeal. Hailing from sunny Barcelona, during the last 20 years, Novarama has been one of the most successful games studios in Southern Europe, with games reaching millions of players and spawning TV shows and collectibles. Novarama is the studio behind the hack’shoot’n’slash multiplayer action-RPG Killsquad, the Apple Arcade hit Samurai Jack: Battle through Time and the worldwide PlayStation AR phenomenon Invizimals. In 2022, Novarama partnered up with Tencent and are now working on the upcoming WWII shooter UNITED 1944.

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