More Top-Class Speakers and Highlights Unveiled for GIC 2023

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More Top-Class Speakers and Highlights Unveiled for GIC 2023

Game Industry Conference (GIC) is a highly anticipated Europe's top gaming event for professionals located in Poland. GIC'23 is just around the corner, and it's gearing up to be bigger and better than ever before. With less than a month to go, the event is set to kick off from October 5th to 8th, concurrent with the Poznan Game Arena (PGA), and is poised to draw a massive crowd of approximately 4000 attendees. Mark your calendars because this gaming extravaganza is not to be missed!

New speakers of GIC’23 announced

With over 20 years in the gaming industry, Chris Proctor currently serves as the Combat Design Lead at Bungie. In his talk "Approaches to designing projectiles for players and AI Chris will delve into the intriguing challenges of designing player projectiles. Drawing from his work on renowned titles like Destiny 2, Halo Infinite, and Halo 5, he'll explore the intricacies of creating non-instant-hit projectiles that provide satisfying gameplay while balancing AI-controlled hitscan projectiles.

Martin O'Donnell boasts 25 years of gamedev experience as a Composer, Audio Director, and Sound Designer, notably contributing to games like Myth, Oni, Halo, and Destiny. In "The Role of Audio Director" Martin will share his extensive experience as an Audio Director, a role that is often misunderstood but pivotal in game development. He'll shed light on sound design, casting, directing, composing, producing, implementing, and the leadership required to guide a team of creative talents. Martin emphasizes the importance of the Audio Director's role within the development team.

Karolina Cieślak, a Game UX Researcher at PixelAnt Games, is also a game developer, psychologist, and journalist, contributing to projects such as Cyberpunk 2077, Floodland, Inkulinati, and Forever Skies. Karolina will illuminate the profound impact of color psychology in game design in "Color psychology in UX/UI and game design". Drawing from her expertise, she'll discuss how the strategic use of colors can enhance player engagement, evoke emotions, explain game mechanics, provide feedback, and influence player behavior. Karolina will draw on psychological studies and real-game examples to demonstrate the power of color in UX and UI design.

Michał Słapa, Legendary AI Programmer at Flying Wild Hog. Ex-CD Projekt RED, People Can Fly, and Slightly Mad. Worked on Witcher, Shadow Warrior, and more.

Aleksandrs Niciporciks, CEO of tinyBuild with over 10 years of experience in gamedev. Producer behind SpeedRunners, Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, and more.

The full list of speakers can be found here.

The GIC'23 conference will feature the following speakers, among others:

· Kate Edwards - “Cultural Interoperability: The Biggest Challenge to Online Social Spaces (and Beyond)”

· Adinda van Oosten - “28 Lessons From 28 Indie Devs”

· Fawzi Mesmar - “Creating memorable moments in video games”

· Tomasz Jaworski - “How does game overlay injection work?”

· Patryk Scelina - “Roundtable: Is game music only a composer’s job”

· Daniel Lewiński - “Synergy Inc. - Make your NPCs work like a good (or bad) team”

· Aleksandra Jarosz - “AI tools for narrative designers”

Grip Partners with GIC'23 to Elevate Networking and Engagement with AI-Driven Solutions

Grip's AI-driven matchmaking tools aim to boost engagement and lead generation for GIC'23 organizers, offering practical solutions and seamless integrations for quality of event improvement. Attendees at GIC'23 will enjoy simplified event experiences thanks to Grip's technology, which offers flexible content delivery and valuable networking opportunities. Grip has an impressive track record since its establishment in 2016, having connected over 5.5 million participants through AI-driven event solutions. This wealth of experience positions Grip as a trusted partner capable of delivering customized event experiences.

Tickets are available at

For more information, please visit GIC’s official website.


Game Industry Conference (GIC)

The GIC, along with Poznań Game Arena, forms the biggest game event east of Cologne. It features professional knowledge exchange, workshops, roundtables, a B2B exhibition area, MeetToMatch meetings, Geek Careers recruitment opportunities and networking parties. Not to mention the Central Eastern European Game Awards ceremony, GameDev Investment Forum and many more. Since its beginnings in 2008, the GIC grew to become one of the most significant events in Europe’s gaming landscape with about 3.400 business attendees, 140 talks and 1500 MeetToMatch meetings in 2022.

The Game Industry Conference 2023 will take place in Poznan, Poland from October 5th to 8th. Tickets are available at

Poznan Game Arena (PGA)

Poznań Game Arena is the largest gaming and multimedia entertainment fair in Poland and this part of Europe, organized for both the industry representatives and individual visitors. PGA already has a more than 10-year history that we have built together with over 370,000 Polish and foreign fans of gaming equipment, production and multimedia. More information:

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