Death From Above launches today on Steam Early Access!

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Death From Above is going live today on Steam Early Access !

Priced at €9.99/$9.99/£8.99, the first game from the Lesser Evil publishing label puts you in the boots of a Ukrainian combat drone operator defending their homeland against Russian invasion.

Players alternate between controlling the operator on foot while maneuvering behind enemy lines and flying the drone, swooping onto enemy positions to clear out troops, tanks, and other opposition forces. This balance between positioning and combat makes for tense gameplay as the operator pushes further into occupied territory, reclaiming land, communications posts, and…domestic appliances for the people of Ukraine.

Watch the Early Access trailer by clicking the Sunflower picture below:

Now Death from Above is released in Steam Early Access, 30% of its net revenues from game sales will be sent to two Ukrainian charities: Come Back Alive and Army of Drones. Once we break even, that donation will increase to 70% of all future net game revenues, with the final 30% going towards developing new game content.

"We are very proud to be releasing our first game on the Lesser Evil label and even more proud to support Ukraine's people in their fight against Russian aggression - says Hendrik Lesser, CEO of Lesser Evil. "Having Antytila and the other amazing artists work with us on this project has been incredible. Their passion and determination is a perfect example of why Putin's war against the Ukrainian people is doomed to failure."

We're incredibly proud to be featuring the work of many Ukrainian artists in Death From Above, including Nazar Davydenko, Rado Javor and Odarka. Still, today we're thrilled to announce the full release of our incredible, exclusive title track from worldwide Ukrainian sensational pop rock band Antytila!

Watch the Antytila Video Music Clip - Death From Above Main Theme, by clicking the picture below:

This driving anthem, titled Death From Above in English and Мій сокіл (My Falcon) in Ukrainian, is a fierce rock classic - produced in versions with Ukrainian and English lyrics. You can find it on all of Antytila's digital channels, as listed below:

Apple Music

Antytila has produced seven albums and nearly 80 songs, performing at over 1000 concerts and headlining major music festivals in their homeland and abroad. When Russia invaded, the band members took a personal responsibility - delaying the release of their newest album MLNL and joining up with the 130th battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine, later serving as paramedics in Kyiv and on the frontline in the Kharkiv region.

The band also founded the charitable foundation "ANTYTILA" to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and children whose fathers were killed in the war. Taras also has a history of charitable work, acting as a youth ambassador to UNICEF. He now holds the position of youth liaison to President Zelenskiy himself.

The war hasn't stopped their music. In May 2022, the band recorded a single and video with Ed Sheeran - a version of his hit "2step," which has had over 16 million views on YouTube. Not long after that, in August, the BBC's World Service aired a documentary focused on the band. They've also been on stage with Sheeran and U2 frontman Bono, joining Ed for his headline appearance at a concert in Warsaw, their first since the invasion began.

In 2023, the band traveled to Brixton, London, for the first show of an ongoing world tour that has taken them around the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, Israel, the USA, and Canada. Check out the upcoming dates to see if you're lucky enough to be able to catch them! Antytila Youtube channel, Antytila Facebook page

About Lesser Evil

We are Lesser Evil. We are uncompromisingly anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, and pro-democracy. We publish video games with clear political or social intent and messaging. Video games are this century's most widespread, impactful, and important cultural medium. As works of human expression, they should be emotional and make the player feel something. Want to know more? Enlist at

About Death from Above

Death from Above is a light, easy-to-pick-up arcade drone warfare simulator video game developed by Rockodile Games and Octobear Knight Games, produced and published by Lesser Evil. Follow and wishlist ... rom_Above/.

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