Legacy of my Grandma Lila Fergusson

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This week is a bittersweet one because for one my parents' wedding anniversary is coming soon but it's also a year since my grandma Fergusson passed away. When my Grandma Fergusson passed away it was hard for me because my grandma had been part of every aspect of my life, but at the same time, it was time for her to graduate from her life since she had fulfilled her purpose.
When the funeral came my Great Uncle Stan spoke about his relationship with his brother my grandpa and his wife Lila but near the end of it my Great Uncle told a story of when prior to becoming a Pastor up in Earlton he was an instructor for the Ontario Provincial Police and during Roll Call, the instructor would say the cadets' names they would either say "Absent on Duty" "Here" or "Absent Without Leave" and that illustration stuck with me ever since but before I close my piece here is a bit of food for thought for all of us Christians out there:

When you arrive in Heaven and God calls your name what would your response be? Will it be "Absent on Duty" "Present" or "Absent Without Leave"?

Rest easy Grandma Fergusson your duty on earth is over and hope to see you soon.

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