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Minecraft Cheats or Commands

Rainbow sheep
Name a sheep "jeb_" to make its wool continuously change colors.

Turning named animals upside down
Note: This requires v1.8.1. Collect a Name Tag (found in dungeon chests, by fishing, or trading at least 20 Emeralds with a Librarian Villager). Create an Anvil by using three Iron and four Iron Ingots. Use the Name Tag on the Anvil. Spend 5 Enchantment to enter Dinnerbone or Grumm on the Name Tag. Place that Name Tag on any animal to turn it upside down.

Display framerate
While playing the game, hold [F3].

Show current lag
While playing the game, hold [F6].

Toggle view
While playing the game in Survival mode, press [F5] to switch to third person view.Rain
While playing the game in Creative mode, press [F5] to make it rain.

Instant village seed
Seed "/gimmeabreak /" to be placed facing the sun, with a village directly behind you.

Spawning items
In Multiplayer mode, press T to display the talk/chat function. Then, type "/give [item ID] [1-64]". To find out the ID number of an object, search for the object on the Minecraft Wiki. Some objects cannot be spawned, such as specific dyes and colored wool. To spawn stone (not cobblestone), use ID number 1. Torches are 50, and white wool is 35.

Finding dungeons easily
To find dungeons easily, make sure you have lots of torches and some weapons, just in case you encounter a monster. Go to an area that you think may have dungeons. Make sure that area is well-lit with torches, just in case night falls (if it has not already.) Then, press [Esc] to open up the menu. Enter the "Options" menu, and change the difficulty from "Peaceful" (or whatever difficulty you are on) to "Hard". Close the menu, and press [F3]. ID numbers will appear on top of every animal or monster in range. Look towards the ground, and search for an unusually large concentration of ID numbers underground; this is more than likely a group of monsters. It will either lead you to a cave or dungeon.
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