Meet Spaceland’s Monster Menagerie and Learn More About the Upcoming Tactical Sci-Fi Tactical Adventure

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Meet Spaceland’s Monster Menagerie and Learn More About the Upcoming Tactical Sci-Fi Tactical Adventure

Postby ccgr » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:32 pm

Danger lurks around every corner on far-flung alien worlds, and today, developer Tortuga Team is releasing an overview of just some of the deadly alien aggressors in their upcoming tactical adventure — Spaceland. In the new overview, you can download images and info about monsters like the Creeper, Roach, and the big bad Bronton. Each alien species has distinct combat tactics and abilities, challenging players' tactical skills as they make the best use of cover, line-of-sight, and good old fashioned firepower to take down these fearsome foes.

Spaceland, set for release on PC later this year, drops players into the boots of a tough-as-nails tactical team of Space Rangers as they explore a hostile world and defeat its vicious denizens in turn-based combat. Shoot, kick, hide, blast, crush — do whatever you can to outsmart and defeat the alien menace!

In the classic traditions of the science-fiction genre, you'll be tasked with gathering a team of fighters to unravel secrets of the mystical planet your valiant team has landed on. Rich dialogues will reveal the true colors of your teammates, and if you're lucky, you'll uncover special details of their individual backstories.

Features of Spaceland Include:
We're Going Old-School: Inspired by classics of the genre such as X-COM, Laser Squad, and Incubation, Spaceland turns up the heat on the battlefield by offering a playstyle that is familiar, yet uniquely exciting

Quick N' Fun: Fast and furious battles focus on the action and only take 10-15 minutes. Planning is good, but blasting is better!

Packing the Heat: Equip your team with futuristic weapons such as Dash Thrusters, Grenades, Teleporters, Mines, Power Shields, and much more! Scavenge surroundings for equipment and ammo in a hostile environment with scarce resources.

Explore and Exterminate: Discover the secrets of alien bases as you explore them, unlocking new data and expanding your digital encyclopedia of alien info — all of which will help you annihilate them with ease!

A Beast for Every Occasion: Fight for your life against alien lifeforms that feature speed, strength, armor, and more — all challenging your tactical mettle as you figure out the best way to defeat each type of foe with the equipment at-hand

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