The Legend of Jyk (Jick)

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The Legend of Jyk (Jick)

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"Ahem!" Retorted Sir Rychir, Head knight of the Eastern Navy, "I asked for my tea seven minutes ago! Hurry up and give it to me boy! oh, and go polish my sword while your at it!" Sighing, Jyk scurried around the rather large room in the knight's manor. "Do you hear me? Now!" Jyk heard his master yell.
"Yes sir. Sorry sir." Jyk said groaning. Muttering under his breath, he said, "One day you'll see... Just you wait." Shortly after burning himself on the wood stove, he gave the tea to Sir Rychir and started to sharpen and polish his sword as requested. No sooner had he smoothed out the dings from the sword had a scream erupted outside the manor.
"Sir Rychir! Help us! The Warlockes!" "The watch towers on fire!" and "They are coming! Help!" were some of the many cries for help from the mob of people. Everyone raced into the manor, hiding within the fortified house.
"I'll stop them." Said Sir Rychir confidently. He ran pasted the panicking mob and Jyk, and stopped by the door, waiting. Out the windows was a horrible sight. The village was on fire, most burnt down already, and unfortunate corpses lying around on the road. Halfway down the road, were two black figures. The Warlocks didn't care who they hurt. As long as they didn't leave anyone in their path alive, that is.
Bang! The door fell down, the surrounding room on fire, parts of roof collapsing. One warlock sent spell after spell towards Rychir. One type of spell hit him in the chest, sending him flying into Jyk. The sword smacked him in the face, scaring right below his right eye. and chipping into his shoulder. The warlock advanced to him, then, before he sent a spell his way, Jyk threw a knife at him. Time seemed to stop, nothing but the knife spinning in the air slowly. Suddenly, the warlock smiled and the knife spun backwards faster and faster until pressure built in Jyk's head. Although he was standing upright, he felt that he curling into a ball while doing a corkscrew. His stomach churned, he thought he was going to be sick. His vision blurred and an evil chuckle echoed inside of Jyk's head, right as he blacked out.
Just to be clear, this is a rough draft. I'm open to any and all feedback! Please partake in the poll. I'll continue this story in this thread. Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoyed! :D ~ LTB

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Re: The Legend of Jyk (Jick)

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Ooo, this is cool! I love writing so you got mah vote.

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Re: The Legend of Jyk (Jick)

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This is really good!

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