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Short Stories

Post by BlockHeadLewie »

Popeye the Sailor wrote:"Iyam wut Iyam and dat's all dat Iyam!"
LoL! Okies, that was (almost) unnecessary, but cute right? Right... Write... I like to write. I like words. I like to paint with words. I like to play with words. I like to draw wordy painted playthings all about the mind, creating either laughter, smiles or thinking. I guess I'm a writer. I heard in a movie "A writer writes." (Then a train ran over mama or something...)
I can write almost anything, and I do mean anything, but writing takes time. Good writing takes even more time, and fantastic writing even longer than that. Almost anyone can write, and that is true like the movie said. It's all inside us, waiting to be written.
For some odd reason here has been placed within this blockheaded braincell the ability to write pretty darn fast. I mean almost terribly freaky fast. Like this short story I wrote (below) and other things about the net.
I can't wait to see what short stories and poetic or even "How To" style writings you have to share! Just remember: A writer writes! (But best not bring mama on trains if you do write on trains...)

Once upon a time a man was walking down the road. He walked according to his own Outlook on life. His Outlook on life was such that everything went his way according to the laws he had seen working on the Outside. His life changed because he suddenly couldn't see! All the memories of what he had seen were vanishing because of the new sight he gained: Insight.
Over time this Insight formed a better Inlook to who he was. His Outlook hadn't changed because he still couldn't see. His Insight became dominant in his way of thinking since what was on the Outside hadn't interfered.
While walking down another road later in his life his sight returned. When he regained his sight the Outlook was already changed because of all the new and unmolested Insight he had gained. His Inlook took his Outlook to a whole new level!
Things he once did he did no more. Things he would have never done were done without a second thought. He still had a problem with some things he didn't want to do but he did anyways, and things he did do but never really wanted to do. But somehow it all worked out.
The thing is, he had gained so much Insight that his Inlook changed his Outlook. Because of this he changed his name from Saul to Paul.
The End? Nope, just so happens to us all everyday if we let it.

If God is my Pilot and fully in control of the flight, I guess that makes me a Steward on the plane. How may I serve you?

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Re: Short Stories

Post by Sstavix »

BlockHeadLewie wrote: (But best not bring mama on trains if you do write on trains...)
Wow, now there's an obscure movie reference. I wonder who else will get that one?

In any case, I do enjoy writing short stories. Here's one of mine that won third place in a local contest a while back.

Socialized Medicine

“Hello. May I speak with Carlton Woodhouse, please?”
“… May I ask who is calling, please?”
“I’m sorry, this is a private matter between Mr. Woodhouse and my organization.”
“Well, I’m sorry, but my husband died three weeks ago.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. My condolences on your loss. I presume I am speaking to Rebecca Carlton, his wife?”
“That’s correct.”
“Good, I’ve been authorized to speak with you. My name is Linda Worthington, and I’m with the Bureau of Medicine and Hospitals. You may be happy to know that, after reviewing his records and judging his needs, we have approved his request for emergency surgery.”
“… what?”
“We’ve approved his request for emergency surgery to reattach both his arms. That was the application to the Bureau of Medicine and Hospitals was for, after all.”
“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”
“Well, Mrs. Woodhouse, we are here to help. It’s good that you filled out the Form 1124-B as well, explaining why Mr. Woodhouse was incapable of filling out the Form 12A, Request for Immediate Surgery. I’m not entirely sure if it allows me to communicate with you in regards to this matter. We do need to preserve Mr. Woodhouse’s right to privacy, after all. However, as Form 1124-B authorized you to request the surgery in the first place, I suppose I can tell you what I can.”
“Miss Worthington, I have no idea what kind of sick joke you think you’re playing. My husband died three weeks ago on the floor of that hospital, waiting for approval to begin surgery.”
“Again, my condolences on your loss. We did treat the request with as much expediency as the situation warranted, Mrs. Woodhouse. If it had been a non-emergency or non-life threatening, it would have been the standard eight to ten month review for approval. However, the surgery has been approved, and we can begin immediately, if you’d like.”
“… Are you… are you insane? My husband is dead! He doesn’t need surgery!”
“I see. So are you refusing to give him the medical treatment he has requested, Mrs. Woodhouse?”
“He doesn’t… he’s been buried in the Cooley City Cemetery for two weeks! He’s a bit beyond medical help right now!”
“I see. My condolences on your loss, Mrs. Woodhouse. In light of these recent developments, then, we’ll have to fill out a few more forms. I’m sorry to have to ask you to do this, but could you come to the Cooley City Medical Center at your earliest convenience?”
“Why? What do you need now?”
“We will need you to fill out a Form 5644-SQ: Explanation for Refusing an Authorized Request for Emergency Medical Treatment. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.”
“… all right. What day will work for you?”
“Any time will work for us, Mrs. Woodhouse, as long as it’s a weekday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Oh, and you will also have to fill out a 67-EDT, as well.”
“What’s that?”
“Standard Affidavit Affirming Deceased Status and Disposition of Estate. That way we can have a record of his death on file, as well as assurances that his estate is being properly distributed according to his recorded Last Will and Testament. You have filed a legal copy of his Last Will and Testament, haven’t you?”
“I didn’t really have much of a choice, did I?”
“Very good, ma’am. Also, be sure to bring your checkbook. That way we can make sure the estate taxes are properly accounted for.”
“Well, we wouldn’t want to cause you any undue comfort in waiting to see how much you’ll have to pay for the disposition of Mr. Woodhouse’s estate.”
“I just… I can’t believe this…”
“Let me assure you, Mrs. Woodhouse, the process is completely painless. We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting, after all.”

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