My games-in-progress (and prototypes!)

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My games-in-progress (and prototypes!)

Post by LuminousLCDLord »

Hello, y'all.

I've just started game design again the other day, and I've been working on some for the past few days now, and here they are:
  • Demonator's Dungeon:
    This, admittedly, is the only project I'm really able to handle and make steady progress on, since I've decided to start on a top-down adventure game (courtesy of another user on GameMaker forum. Thanks man.) for this one. For that reason, this is why I've decided to show y'all multiple images of that game...

    Main gameplay (it's just one test room, really...):
    Battle prompt test:
    FPS prompt:
    (That's actually one way the game is innovative; you've got fixed fps values to choose from, giving the feel of either going at smooth 60 fps or classic 40 fps with a game in the classic style.)

    And here's the basic info on the game.
    This game is about a huge dungeon with a deep backstory; the player must go through many levels of the dungeon to defeat a demon holding his prisoners captive. It is a rougelike, and the player can discover many interesting secrets of the dungeon along the way, as well as sad and touching backstories on some prisoners.
    I know; the graphics look "primitive", but I felt it was a smart move because it's in 1-bit monochrome style; plus, it could actually stay; you never know. And did you know that this kind of game was my first actual one ever? Yep, it was called "Maze", and I was using GameMaker Legacy at the time. :)

    Update: I've decided that the Demonator will actually have a true name, but it's a secret to everybody . . . for now . . .

    And I've decided to share the link to the game with y'all...
    And here it is: ... v6Ii7ijltn
    How to play:
    wasd: move
    space: run
    esc: quit game
    F: choose between 40 and 60 fps
    Available battle commands: attack, heal, auto (does nothing for now), run, help
    From time to time, a battle will happen, and you must defeat the emeny to proceed. If you run out of health, you start over.
    Touch a chest to open it, but be careful, it could be a trap...
    The game is completed when you find the Sacred Amulet.

    Here's how to be able to access it: you will need Game Maker Studio 2 to do so first. Click on the link, which will take you to its menu; click on the download icon; the third rightmost one to the top-right, and save it to wherever. Then unzip the .zip file, download and open GMS2 and open the program in the folder, and click the "Run" button; the right-facing arrow in the top-left.

    In fact, I'll offer the download link to GMS2 as well so y'all don't have to look it up y'allselves; all you really need is the free trial, but if you have the paid version, good, because I plan on getting it later, and I'm not sure if it would be compatible with yours then:
  • Kitty Kat:
    This game will be a mix of Mario and Sonic, taking block-hitting from Mario and going through loops and corkscrews from Sonic, as well as other innovative elements of my own. The game involves the reversal of the usual boy-saves-girl plot, where a Cat-girl named (Kitty) Kat tries to save her boyfriend through a series of fun and challenging stages. I don't have much in the current game other than cute boxes for the sprites as well as a pink one for Kat, but anyways, here's the test level right now...
    Her character design was inspired by this cat-girl - and in fact is the same design - off of one of Christopher Hart's art books:
  • Billy Block:
    This platformer follows the ways of the classics; looks fun, plays fun, and yet it's as vicious as all get-out (NWC 2015
    reference :) ). I'm talking about the "actual" challenge involved with these games, and Billy Block will be no exception. There will be 150 (I've just decided that number now) challenging levels for the player to complete, and uses mechanics similar to Lode Runner, Pitfall!, and Keystone Kapers (the latter two for their low jumps).
    And here's one of the old screenshots. (I actually have two versions just like DD does; GameMaker and Construct 2, but I've decided to focus on the GM version because I'm personally actually learning with it, unlike C2, really. That's why I'm posting an older screenshot):
I actually have more to show y'all; there will be backstories behind all those games, as well as, of course, updates to them, and more to them; and most importantly, links to download the files to play and test on your computer, so please stay tuned.

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Re: My games-in-progress (and prototypes!)

Post by Green_outlaw »

Nioce I've been trying to learn coding but it's been hard, hope you do well

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