How has Gaming benefitted your life as a believer in Christ?

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Re: How has Gaming benefitted your life as a believer in Christ?

Postby LuminousLCDLord » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:19 pm

As others mentioned; as I've learned from gaming, gaming is often demoted to being a 'mind-control device' and destroying people's lives through 'addiction' and stuff like that.

Gaming isn't magically more destructive than pen-and-paper RPGs and board games; it's just like every other form of entertainment; meant to be enjoyed, not treated as 'evil'. In fact, I have OCD, and that means I have bad obessive thoughts, and so the only way I can keep myself particularly busy is playing Minecraft and using CCG's content. Gaming can, in fact, really help with OCD.

That is all I have to say (at least for now; I may add more onto it later).

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Re: How has Gaming benefitted your life as a believer in Christ?

Postby Odazz » Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:39 pm

In short, games have helped me put the burden of reality out of my mind, allowing me to think about my faith and other higher issues. For a time I did have a serious gaming addiction during the height of MMORPGS like WoW and EverQuest, but that is long past and now I only play for enjoyment. While I know I'm pretty unique for using games in such a way it really has helped build my faith and brought me through the worst times of my life by allowing this escape and to focus internally and spiritually.

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