What were your most enjoyable games?

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Re: What were your most enjoyable games?

Post by davo_ray »

Any game where you can explore a realistic, vast ocean is awesome. Like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or Suikoden IV.

But I think my favorite game of all time is Dragon Quest VII. I've beaten it twice, and I always spend about 300 hours per playthrough. I've never played another game quite like it, in that I really felt fully immersed—like I legitimately felt alive inside of it, as if I were personally interacting with its world. A big part of what made it so unique was that every NPC in the game always has something different to say every time you progress the story's narrative a little bit. And you could even strike up conversations with your party members in and out of battle anytime you want.

Final Fantasy IX is another top fave. And the first two Breath of Fire games had a HUGE, lasting influence on me as a kid. I still adore the characters and music from all those games.

And then there's the Chrono series. Chrono Trigger had the most epic build up & climax of any RPG I remember playing as a kid. That game really got my addrenaline going, like no other. And Chrono Cross had a great story (albeit convoluted), heart, and awesome music.

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Re: What were your most enjoyable games?

Post by Bluewolffe »

Probably Nintendo Land, Minecraft, and Wind Waker. Great graphics, mechanics, and EVERYTHING for all of them! (Wind Waker especially, I literally (and figuratively) played it for 4 hours straight once).
Forgot to mention the Super Mario U and Wii! Those are awesome too.

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Re: What were your most enjoyable games?

Post by Bannanableu! »

Hmm My most enjoyable games......thats a tough one! good question. :P I really love minecraft, but Id say it would be pokepark 1 and 2!! so fun, cute and full of advertures plus 3d all angles!

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Re: What were your most enjoyable games?

Post by LuminousLCDLord »

It would have to had been anything with a level editor or being Tycoon, such as ArmageddonBoulderDash for classic Linux (The 'A' stood for something, which I don't exactly remember, so I'm using the word "armageddon"; please let me know if you do. :) ), Super Tux on the same platform, Kolf (although the editor was pret-ty buggy...), Granny in Paradise (and subsequent games) in WildTangent, a "playground" mode in Penguins!, and Lemonade Tycoon 2.

Yes, I loved being creative. Here's my top 10, with the top 3 having descriptions:
  1. ArmageddonBoulderDash
    It featured such a nice level editor that allowed me to create those that weren't exactly "challenging" in my youth, as well as creative ones that I would've done today. You even had the option to change art styles and music, and I was able to combine the Tux theme with the "Entertainer" song for something I really liked, as well as combine that with my "creative" levels for a truly memorable experience. (And as a side note, I didn't know how to spell "clock" at the time, so I just did "Glog" instead to mean "frozen clock" as an excuse for a misspelt word. :D )
  2. Super Tux
    Also with a nice level editor; I remember making such crazy levels. :D
  3. Granny in Paradise
    I remember making a haunted house "world" in the game's level editor, and that was my most memorable experience in that game. :D
  4. Kolf
  5. Penguins!
  6. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 (Instead of 3 because of the expansion packs in 2 and its art style then)
  7. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
  8. Thrillville: Off the Ralls (I've considered the original before...)
  9. Roller Coaster Tycoon
  10. Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York City
    (My favorite part of it and one of the only reasons for mentioning it here was the dreamy end of day music. Felt so good... |-) )

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Re: What were your most enjoyable games?

Post by TimOldman »

I lIve Portal 2 and Skullmonkeys on PS

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Re: What were your most enjoyable games?

Post by JaciMae »

Bioshock Infinite
Mass Effect
Dragon Age 2

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