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Re: Roll20

Post by Sstavix »

If I'm available, I'm willing to give it a go. :)

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Re: Roll20

Post by ArcticFox »

ccgr wrote:Jay and I are cool with it, he wants to know if reagents are still needed.
By that do you mean spell components? Yes, but it's simplified (sort of).

In 2e, each spell that had a material component to cast would list what it needed, and a strict DM could insist that the player actually go through the effort of having his character acquire the needed materials. Most DMs ignored this except in the case of exceptional items. (Like the 1,000 GP diamond needed to cast Resurrection.) So it was more complex, but most people didn't bother.

In 5e, spells also list the specific items but if a character is equipped with a component pouch it's assumed those items are already available. Alternatively, a spellcaster can use an Arcane Focus (like a staff, magic wand, etc.) in place of normal spell components.

Only items with a listed GP value need to be paid specific attention to.
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