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Re: 15 posting suggestions to get started


Yes, I know there's no 'N' in the middle of my name.

Funny story: I started playing Minecraft ten years ago, on 360. Fire and Penguins seemed like the two best parts of creation, at the time, but all variations of PyroPenguin as a username were taken. I opted for all caps...and...TYPO! But it stuck.

The last server I played on for any length of time was fun, with friendly people...who were all pro-homosexual. Be chill, please -- I'm not wading into that here. Suffice it to say, when you play with people who are fundamentally and morally different, you get a little...formal...rigid...and cold. No place to relax. I realized I had to guard what I said around every single other player, so as not to trample people. Other Christians were getting banned for being, well, tactless. It's one thing to represent God, it's another to shove opinion down throats. It was time to leave.

A fun takeaway, and to bring this full circle: a player there told me that Pyrope is a type of garnet, which happens to be my birthstone. Hence, I answer to Pyrope Guin. :)

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