Disney cancels popular Christian concert hosted there

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Re: Disney cancels popular Christian concert hosted there

Post by Trix_110 »

reephn wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 8:21 pm
Great :) I definitely did not want to appear rude. Sometimes things get lost in text. I know you can't just tell by a logo, but when researching things you can often discover dark roots. I know that website is from what many would people call a conspiracy nut, but there are more mainstream videos and articles about vulgar words and pictures featured in advertising and film by Disney. While your eyes may not capture this, your brain subconsciously does. A few of these examples are in Tangled, The Lion King, and the Rescuers. Additionally Disney pushes the homosexual agenda through their movies and TV shows (Beauty and the Beast & Good Luck Charlie). The show Gravity Falls featured many actual satanic figures and symbols, such as the pyramid with an eye. While many say that Disney did this show as a joke, that is an awfully deep subject for the targeted audience. This is my opinion. I know how easy it is to trust a company that you have known since you were young.I often fall into traps that I discover are not as innocent as I once thought they were. I think the more evil that shows up clearly in our world tells us that we are closer to Jesus' return. So even if there is wrong and evil things in the world, we should rejoice knowing we are one step closer to meeting God. :D

Edit: While researching it more I found some disturbing photos that I had never seen before
Walt Disney.jpg
Disney 3.jpg
Not to seem rude or anything but I honestly don't think this is true. I can only see this as honest mistakes (the only exception would be Gravity Fall, of which they use Satanic symbols to represent a demon like villain of the series, making the symbols seem bad for the viewers. These are aren't meant to convert the viewers into satanists), you can just go around nit picking from a company that's been making movies since 1923. Over that time human error would intervene creating these small mistakes and even then animation from the past wasn't detailed enough to have things like this due to how they were made (they were drawing by had, frame by frame). The movement's of each character were traced from a model who acted out the scenes making these details even more susceptible to human error. I've seen people make mistakes like this myself everyone has.

I also believe that if we have to live with people of different sexualities we should be more welcoming, we can prevent people from sinning (specially if they cannot help it) this goes along with 50% of pastors have admitted to having a porn addiction. Every sin isn't something we can prevent, it's only human. These inevitable sin are like lying in your childhood or even now, it's impossible not to do it.

Also sorry for any bad spelling and I'm sorry if a sentance doesn't make sense. I don' normally write big paragraphs.

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Re: Disney cancels popular Christian concert hosted there

Post by Sstavix »

Trix_110 wrote:
Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:07 pm
Every sin isn't something we can prevent, it's only human. These inevitable sin are like lying in your childhood or even now, it's impossible not to do it.
I would have to disagree with this sentiment. Sin is always a choice. If it was not a choice - if it was not a decision made by your conscious, free will - then it is not a sin. Now there is a question about the age of accountability, but that varies from church to church (even the very existence of said age in the first place). But I stand by my statement. I don't believe Heavenly Father would punish someone for doing something that was not according to their will. I do believe that people can be punished in this world by deliberately choosing not to sin, though, but God won't judge people by the same standards that mankind uses.

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Re: Disney cancels popular Christian concert hosted there

Post by J.K. Riki »

@Sstavix I would agree that sin is by choice. The flesh (nature) can compel, perhaps, but it is the intention of the heart that God judges, not how easy/hard it was to turn away (or in this case NOT turn away) from what we know to be wrong. It seems reasonable to me that someone could sin without knowing it and He would not judge them in the same way He would someone who knew it and went ahead anyway. Always comes back to intention; that thing we cannot see but He does, with crystal clarity. It is the knowing acts of sin (be it known in our heart, or via Scripture) that is the reason we're here to deal with our Pride.

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