Magic minecraft Christians post 2

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Re: Magic minecraft Christians post 2

Post by ChickenSoup »

How many of you have read clear through the entire ending story and been able to catalog the many religious and occultic and new age themes interwoven therein ? its actually quite deep and quite ungodly in that content.
It also isn't real.
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Re: Magic minecraft Christians post 2

Post by BlockHeadLewie »

WisteriaWillows wrote:I feel a little anxious about adding to this, but ...

I view magic ... the magic that we are to avoid ... as being anything that depends upon or brings glory to satan or demons.

Minecraft could probably be purer, but I can play it in faith, and my behavior shines through as either godly or ungodly.

I am so glad you did post. This is right on the money!
I just L<3VE the way you worded it, too!
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Re: Magic minecraft Christians post 2

Post by RedPlums »

To throw my two cents in here (because I know you all want me to, right?) to me it depends on the "type" of magic in video games and how well the players relationship with Christ is.

I am able to discern between silly play magic (such as Mario & Luigi or Star Wars or maybe LoZ) in games and the deep, spiritual magic (such as Elder Scrolls games or Destiny or something else...) that could be associated with the Devil. Knowing whether the game's "magic" is just fun and kid like or dark and closer to the real thing does help one decide whether or not to participate in said game.

To me, minecraft's "magic" content really doesn't affect me too much. For one, everything is 8 bit blocks so it all looks kind of ridiculous in the first place. Plus, there is no writings or sayings of occultish or demonic influences in the gameplay, maybe the enchanting could be taken that way, but, I guess it depends on your PoV. Witches with potions, living dead and enchanted items in an 8 bit style "kids game" isn't going to affect my walk with Christ.
Now, Skyrim for example has a much stronger spiritual and dark "magic" influence in it. Resurrecting the dead, summoning creatures and weapons, casting harmful and helpful spells, controlling people, etc. etc. To certain people, that can be a major stumbling block, as it is much more graphic in that game than others such as MC or LoZ or Mario & Luigi. Yet to someone like me who can easily play those games and knows the difference between reality and game, I can play Skyrim or Destiny or other games such as that just fine because I have a strong relationship with our Lord and Saviour so those types of "magic" won't affect too much at all.
Now, the super deep occultish and demonic games (of which I know no titles) I steer away from because they will definitely have some content I don't want to see or hear.

To me, it depends on your relationship with Christ and whether game "magic" will be a stumbling block or not.
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