What are some good puzzle/adventure games?

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What are some good puzzle/adventure games?

Postby General_Redfox » Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:39 am

I enjoy puzzle games. What puzzle/adventure games would you recommend. Most of these games you can find on gog.com if you're curious. These are not in any particular order.

I've really enjoyed the Myst series. They had a great story. I'm still making my way through them. They have a lot of lore and great art.

Primordia was phenomenal. It's an adventure game stylized after old school pixelated art. The soundtrack is great. The trailers are intriguing. The puzzles were good, sometimes a bit of a stretch, but the storyline was great. It even had some good moral messages too.

Portal 2. I'm sure most gamers have heard of this one if not seen something of it. I quite enjoyed it. It intrigues me that the portal series and the half life series are in the same universe. Valve gave away the portal 2 soundtrack for free. Most of it is ambiance, but there's a few good tracks that I enjoy listening to.

Machinarium. It's a puzzle game that's so hard to describe. Everything is hand drawn and the puzzles are great. I love the little robot that you play. He's just so funny with everything he does. He's a little robot who's trying to save the city from some robots who want to destroy some things. Can't tell you much more without ruining the story. The music is amazing as well.

Quantum Conundrum. This wacky puzzle game had some super clever mechanics. It didn't have an amazing story line, but it was way cool anyway. You could make objects heavy, slow time, make things light, and a few other things. Short, but good. I think I beat it in about 7 hours.

What other puzzle/adventure games would you recommend?

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Re: What are some good puzzle/adventure games?

Postby mamabones » Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:08 pm

I LOVE the Nancy Drew Adventure games. They are for single player but they are so much fun, and hours of entertainment... Maybe not what your looking for but I have bought every Nancy Drew Game, and even my boys love the game :)

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