Two Movies having influenced me the most!

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Two Movies having influenced me the most!

Postby harold5187 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:26 pm

The Cross and the Switchblade

To anyone struggling or caught up in the gang life, I would recommend this movie, and after watching the film...

Here is the REAL Nicky Cruz!

Another film that touched me, was Chariots of Fire, which tells the true story of two of the fastest runners in the world, and how one of these runners, refused to race on the Sabbath. His name was Eric Liddell and it's not what he accomplished on the race track that he was famous for, in fact, the movie itself, isn't about how he finished the race, but only how he started the race.

Eric Liddell started the race which led him to the Olympics, but finished the race in a Japanese Concentration camp, and won a far greater reward in God's Kingdom; If only we could all run our races like this, how beautiful life would be!

I'm sure there are books you can buy that tell the story, but here is a documentary I watched that is just as informative...

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