LOGOS Bible Video Game Not just another Christian Game

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LOGOS Bible Video Game Not just another Christian Game

Post by ccgr »

LOGOS Bible Video Game Not just another Christian Game

Mexico City, March 8, 2021 – Introducing LOGOS: After more than 3 years of hard development, LOGOS has been launched! It's a 3D Open World Game in third person. Unlike other biblical or Christian games, LOGOS tries to show the Bible as it is: A point of controversy for some and a source of inspiration to others.

Right now, it contains the stories of Genesis, Noah and Exodus. Designed for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, LOGOS is non‐profit and was not capitalized on sites like Kickstarter. At this day, the reviews from people that have played the game are particularly good.

“I had a lot of fun playing this game” – Joseph Levesque from Monkastery Studios

“Check out Logos. I think you'll be impressed with how far TeComprendo has come so far” – Christian Games Now

The mechanics, controls and graphics are like those found in games such as Shadow of The Colossus™, Flower™, Infamous™, Red Dead Redemption™, God of War™ 1 or Assassins Creed™ 1.We are still developing it. If we reach the 100,000 downloads, more chapters like Samson, David, Paul and Apocalypse are on the way!

it is completely Free and available for download. You can check it out at http://www.logos-the-game.com/en/

About TeComprendo.org
TeComprendo is a non‐profit company dedicated to spreading the word of God and the good news
of the kingdom in a free, active and practical way. The company distributes online biblical
consolation services and content of general interest.

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