16VIT Launches Indiegogo Campaign Introducing Gaming Vitamin Brand: New Supplement Line for All E-Gamers

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16VIT Launches Indiegogo Campaign Introducing Gaming Vitamin Brand: New Supplement Line for All E-Gamers

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16VIT Launches Indiegogo Campaign Introducing Gaming Vitamin Brand: New Supplement Line for All E-Gamers

BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sync Labs Corp recently announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to help produce its line of premium supplemental vitamins designed for the wellness needs of e-gamers. The 16VIT (https://16vit.com/) vitamin line currently contains three specific proprietary formulas: Blink, Start and Continue — developed to help the eyes, energy levels and joint health respectively.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/16vi ... amin-brand#/

"The rise of e-sports and other digital games have certainly produced a variety of new challenges," said Troy Gregory, 16VIT Brand Director. "But one of the least-addressed of those challenges is a gamer's particular vitamin needs. There are too few supplement options for competitive or leisure gamers in general, but especially options that are a total lifestyle fit. We've changed that. Our 16VIT vitamins are crafted with gamers' unique wellness needs in mind."

16Vit: Formulas for the Modern Gamer

The 16VIT line will launch with three initial products for the first year, with Blink as its flagship product.

Blink: An average person spends more than 11 hours in front of various electronic devices every day, which can cause digital eye strain and eye fatigue. Blink's eye health formula is designed to help protect the eyes from harmful blue light screen emissions.
Start: Gamers have the same nutritional needs as anyone else, but the lifestyle often involves long periods without eating; or instead, binging and snacking between gaming sessions. Peak body performance is optimal for long bouts of screen time, so the Start formula is a foundational supplement for a wide spectrum of vitamin and mineral needs. Start is intended to cover gamers throughout their entire gaming day.
Continue: Gamers spend many hours using their hands and joints, which often leads to pain and inflammation. Continue was developed with joint health in mind, and delivers anti-inflammatory properties and powerful antioxidants.

In addition to leisure play, many gamers are also career professionals, spending upwards of eight to 12 hours a day in a sitting position, working on digital materials. They have unique dietary and vitamin needs that have so far been largely unaddressed by the health and wellness industry. 16VIT is positioned to tap into an ever-growing vitamin supplements market for gamers.

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