‘Tanky Tanks’ Offers A Blast From The Past With Its Intense Action-Packed Gameplay On Steam™

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‘Tanky Tanks’ Offers A Blast From The Past With Its Intense Action-Packed Gameplay On Steam™

Postby ccgr » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:55 pm

‘Tanky Tanks’ Offers A Blast From The Past With Its Intense Action-Packed Gameplay On STEAM™

San Francisco, CA, August 16th 2019: Start-up indie developer EpiXR Games is proud to announce August 30th as the official launch date for Tanky Tanks, an intense retro-inspired tank shooter, in which you fight enemies in smarter, deadlier and more powerful tanks as you progress.

Game Trailer:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzRzP8b ... e=youtu.be

Tanky Tanks offers a blast from the past with its intense action-packed gameplay. Defeat enemy tanks while avoiding incoming bullets and learn to master and maneuver your tank and turret for optimal damage to your opponent. Your mission is to stay alive - if you can- and successfully complete each level until you finally go head-to-head with the enemy leader. Its fast, it’s fun, it’s incredibly addictive to take out your enemy while dodging incoming missiles. You can opt to play the single-player campaign, in two-player local co-op mode with a friend or in VS mode with up to 4 players in total!

Tanky Tanks features an impressive 6 modes of play; “Normal”, “Hard”, “Bomb”, “Invisible”, “Speed” and “Perspective”; In Hard mode you have less bullets available and stronger enemies. In Bomb mode you must defeat the enemies using bombs only. In Invisible mode your enemies become invisible and much harder to hit. In Speed mode the action is frantic and everything happens twice as fast, and in Perspective mode, you get a unique perspective of the playing field.

Tanky Tanks is a feature-rich game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. Retro fans will instantly feel at home while introductory players will enjoy the simplicity and intense tank-battles that become increasingly difficult as you progress.

Tanky Tanks is available from here:
A version for XBOX®, Nintendo® Switch and PSN™ is currently in the works and will be released at a later time.

Developer Website www.epixrgames.com
Game Website www.epixrgames.com/tankytanks
Facebook www.facebook.com/Epixr-Games-358574918372446/
Twitter www.twitter.com/EpixrG
YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCKCZISCV_V-xAe4KrL-PPzg

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