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VIVID! - A kirbyvania inspired adventure, now on Kickstarter!

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:02 pm
by ccgr
We are happy to announce we are publishing our third indie title, VIVID!

Playable demo:
Kickstarter: ... -adventure

Created and developed by LucasMaxBros, Vivid! is a colorful action packed platformer where your color dictates your actions. You'll play as Vivid, a colorless girl with a colorful personality to compensate, as she journeys through imaginative stages and braves the dangers ahead. Joining alongside her is Spirit the Dog, whose friendship with Vivid is unbreakable. Both will need to work together, using their powers and weapons to overcome any obstacle or aid those in need. Whether it's befriending the boxing bully Slam Jim or fighting the mad warlock Toadster, a plethora of different adventures await!

We plan to release onto as many platforms as possible, but to help Vivid's life become a reality, we have turned to Kickstarter for additional support so we can cover the costs for music, getting new hardware and software as well as using additional funds to finish up polishing the game and allowing it to become the best it can be.

We rely on word of mouth, so if you could help spread the word and share the demo link as well as information about the game, we would be forever grateful. If you have twitter, please do tag coverage with @TheHiddenLevels so we can share it with our audience too!

Kickstarter link: ... -adventure
YouTube link:
Press kit:
Vivid! discord: