YAGER’s Competitive Quest Shooter 'The Cycle' Hits Early Access (PC)

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YAGER’s Competitive Quest Shooter 'The Cycle' Hits Early Access (PC)

Postby ccgr » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:59 am


The Cycle’s first early access content update adds new gameplay systems, enemies and more!

BERLIN – Aug. 20, 2019 – More than 250,000 players braved The Cycle during alpha testing, and now YAGER’s fast-paced competitive quest shooter is free to download in early access for Windows PC via the Epic Games store. The Cycle will continue to grow and evolve throughout early access with additional supported languages and regular seasons of content drops created with community feedback. That begins today with the new “Crime & Punishment” update, introducing:

A new Duos mode allowing players to pair up together to take on other Prospectors. Duos joins the two other game modes: Solo, where players can queue alone, and Squads, where four players team up to take on the game’s challenges.
A new bounty hunter system designed to better balance PvEvP: players who frequently kill other prospectors will get marked as “ruthless” on the mini-map, revealing their location to everyone.
A new heat map showing areas with a high density of players — decide if you want to hunt down serious PvP action, or focus more on PvE in less populated areas.
The ability to level up your armor kits with better stats by collecting experience points.
Two new archetypes, the Gambler and Exo Biologist, along with a new enemy type: the Droids.
New sound effects for most weapons.
Support for in-game voice chat.

The Cycle is a match-based first-person shooter with a focus on PvEvP action, completing jobs, gearing up with new weapons and powers, out-scoring other players, and making it off the exotic, alien frontier of Fortuna III alive. Compete against and – if you choose – team up with other prospectors to harvest resources, defeat hostile lifeforms, and make your fortune before the world, your rivals, or your so-called allies kill you. It’s up to you how to stake your claim: go it alone, form squads with friends, or make uneasy alliances with strangers. The Cycle delivers a competitive multiplayer experience where everyone can survive, but how you choose to manage your precious time will make all the difference.

For more information, visit www.TheCycle.game and www.epicgames.com/store/product/thecycle.


YAGER is an independent developer of computer and video games based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1999 by five dedicated developers and artists, our focus is the creation of vivid and meaningful high-quality gaming experiences. Today, 20 years after its foundation, a strong international team of game-loving developers is busy at work bringing YAGER's vision of gaming to life as an independent self-publishing studio. www.yager.de

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