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'Spellsword Cards: Origins' Available On Major Platforms

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:09 pm
by ccgr
Calling All Deck-Building Heroes To Battle The Lich And His Minions In 'Spellsword Cards: Origins' Available On Major Platforms Today

Indie Game Developer One Up Plus Entertainment is encouraging players from around the world to tryout their innovative roguelike deck-building fantasy game, Spellsword Cards: Origins, available on PC via STEAM™, on iOS® and on Android™. Published by WhiteLakeStudio, the game has quickly ranked up impressive reviews, and is being praised for its almost limitless possibilities.

Spellsword Cards: Origins challenges you to embark on a card combat challenge to defeat the Lich and his minions – or die trying! Packed with features and cool cards the game is an almost perfect card-crawler and deck-builder, catering to the needs of roguelike fans and dungeoneers. You can upgrade your cards and use a unique card-fusion system to create any combination of cards imaginable! Carefully manage each run to include just what is needed for survival. A voluntary discard- and resource recovery-system are included as well.

Spellsword Cards: Origins offers an impressive 500+ cards, 9 classes, 6 races and 5 paths to follow along with hundreds of exciting battles. As you adventure across the lands of Port Haven you crawl through swamp, fight over mountains and swim through oceans in search for loot, fame and fortune. The procedurally generated adventures are inspiring to play, and if you play your cards well, you might climb your way to the leaderboards!

Spellsword Cards: Origins is a single-player game well worth downloading. It is the first in a new series of games by the developer with Demontideanother great download. Updates to the game are regular and crafted to satisfy feature requests by its growing fanbase.

Spellsword Cards: Origins is available from here:
STEAM™ ... s_Origins/
iOS® ... 50707?mt=8
Android™ ... ordOrigins
Journalists interested in a STEAM™ key or an iOS® promo code for review are welcome to contact Indie PR-Specialist, Hans Olsen, by sending an email to Members of the press are encouraged to visit the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates to the game:

Game Website
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