Jet-Combat Roguelike 'Hyperspace Dogfights' Adding New Items and Controller Support on September 13th

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Jet-Combat Roguelike 'Hyperspace Dogfights' Adding New Items and Controller Support on September 13th

Postby ccgr » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:54 pm

Hyperspace Dogfights Adds New Items and Controller Support 4K monitor support also on board content update for slick jet-combat roguelike

August 14th, 2018 -- Sleeper Games is proud to announce Hyperspace Dogfights -- the juicy jet-combat roguelike in which you blast, dodge, and slice your way through masses of technologically inferior enemies -- will receive a hyper-juicy content update September 13th on Steam!

Get ready to blast, dodge, and slice your way through the latest release for Hyperspace Dogfights, with 40+ new items, controller support, 4K monitor support, and more! Evolve your space craft to make it stronger and weirder, now with even more weapons and abilities that enable you to destroy your enemies in tense and impactful 2D air combat. Out-boost your enemies in a weird sci-fi universe, hyperspace-dodge through projectiles, and attempt to complete challenging wave goals.

Hyperspace Dogfights Features:

Impactful, tense 2D air combat in a weird sci-fi universe
Colorful pixel art, powered by the Pico8 16 color palette
Strong focus on building your jet into something unique with stackable items that interact with each other
Over 100 different passive items ranging from simple bonuses to complete jet behavior modifiers
Over 50 sci-fi jet weapons, including lasers, explosives, and aerial melee options
Over 40 active items used for offense, defense, or utility
7 zones with distinct enemies to discover and destroy
10 bosses to try your luck against
Over 5 flyable jets with unlockable mk2 loadouts
Multiple wave goals, including hunt ace pilots, raid ground targets, perform recon scans, and more
An adaptive soundtrack with combat and menu tracks, consisting of 14 tuns by ENUIT and Ole Toensen (available as DLC)
Persistent unlocks with lots of items in the loot pool from the get go, with special items only unlockable through the endgame
Optional endless mode (unlocked after second victory)
Steam cloud save, cross platform

Hyperspace Dogfights is currently available for $9.99 on Windows PC and Linux.

To learn more, visit:

About Sleeper Games
Sleeper Games is an independent game studio based in Leipzig, Germany. The five-person team specializes in iterating upon powerful game design concepts and remixing them into sweet new blends of experience.

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