Get In On The Bloody Action, Blood Ancestors Is Now On Early Access!

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Get In On The Bloody Action, Blood Ancestors Is Now On Early Access!

Postby ccgr » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:32 pm

Get In On The Bloody Action, Blood Ancestors Is Now On Early Access!

Team-based competitive multiplayers just got bloodier.

Independent Spanish developers Snowpeak Studio have announced today that their objective-based first-person brawler Blood Ancestors is now available on Steam Early Access. To celebrate the launch to Early Access, Snowpeak Studio have added some additional features for players to sink their blades into.

Blood Ancestors is set in a high fantasy medieval world, where teams of five battle it out to gain control of the Relic. The team-based competitive multiplayer recently released into open alpha and was met with positive praise from players. With the game now available on Early Access, players can expect to see a new map and training grounds, as well as a freshly revamped UI and menu.

In Blood Ancestors, teams of five fight on ruin-strewn castles and temples in melee centered combat to claim possession of the Relic. The newest map, St. Mary's Cathedral harks from the Victorian era. Players will battle it out running through blood-soaked cobblestone streets and the gothic-inspired archways of the cathedral itself.

Before jumping into battle in St. Mary's Cathedral or any other map, players can now hone their skills and perfect their playstyle in the newly added training grounds. Players can test out each of the 6 available classes and experiment with talent builds, drawing from the three talent trees of utility, offense, and defense.

"We're thrilled to be launching on Early Access and to be bringing new and improved content to the players." Said Snowpeak Studio co-founder David Broto. "We received so much great feedback during open alpha that helped us to continue to improve the game for players, we're excited to see what they think of the new map and changes!"

Along with the training grounds and St. Mary's Cathedral, players can expect to see a revamped UI and menu system designed to be more intuitive for players as they take on the enemy team to fight for the Relic. ... Ancestors/


Fast-paced 5v5 multiplayer action
High fantasy medieval world
Brutal fights in melee combat
Objective based gameplay
Choose between 18 classes with different gameplay styles (6 in the Early Access release)
Create your own build by choosing 3 styles (offensive, defensive, utility) from a pool of more than 150 varied skills
Extreme character customization
More than 6 multiplayer maps (3 in the Early Access release)
Fight to secure the Relic and unleash a powerful ultimate attack

About Snowpeak Studio

Snowpeak Studio, SL is a young studio based in Vielha, Catalonia, Spain. The backbone of Snowpeak Studio is composed of seven talented professionals currently developing Blood Ancestors. Snowpeak’s goal is to create new and innovative games to fill the empty spaces in the current game industry.

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