Secrets of the Nethercity breathes new life into "old-school" role-playing games

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Secrets of the Nethercity breathes new life into "old-school" role-playing games

Postby ccgr » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:54 pm

Remember how epic all those “old-school” roll playing games used to be? They led a cultural phenomenon. Well thanks to two life-long friends, all that coolness is coming back again with Secrets of the Nethercity!

See at

Secrets of the Nethercity is an immersive dungeon sandbox designed for the Adventure Conqueror King System and other D20 OSR RPG’s.
Loaded with an epic "kilodungeon" (240 locations spread across 20 different sub-regions) players can unlock the secrets of the Nethercity in a total nonlinear format. Gameplay comes stocked with 12 new monsters, dazzling magic and awesome character classes. Plus everything is beautifully detailed in an easy to understand summary format, so the game runs super smooth.

Secrets of the Nethercity is perfect for experienced mid-level adventurers and comes masterfully illustrated in a full-color layout.

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