Miney Company: A Data Racket VR Game opens in Early Access on Steam

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Miney Company: A Data Racket VR Game opens in Early Access on Steam

Postby ccgr » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:31 pm


Miney Company: A Data Racket VR Game opens in Early Access on Steam

Finally an active, engaging, and funny gaming experience for all age-groups reflective of today’s 'gig economy'

Bay Area- California (February 22nd, 2018) Miney Company: A Data Racket— a VR physics-based, family-friendly, racket-ball-simulation, where you 'work from home' for your new 'employers' Miney Company opens in Early Access today.

A light-hearted immersion into a virtual world that is family-friendly and yet politically timely, Miney Company: A Data Racket is a fun racquetball-inspired simulation where you are given the opportunity to ‘work from home’ in the new gig economy via virtual data-mining.

See the world and beyond as Miney Company sends you to exotic locales to smash, hunt, and protect your data from rival data miners— guided by your location coordinators Albert, Benjamin, and Cecil. With witty and charming voice acting by Aaron Lyons and the tracks you know and love from Kevin MacLeod (and others), Miney Company: A Data Racket is a visual and auditory delight.

About Miney Company:

Miney Company wants to connect VR enthusiasts with the data mining needs of fictitious multinational corporations. Our online data gathering matches the freelance labor of the gig economy with borderless corporations and their bottomless demands for data, allowing labor flexibility and low overhead as well as high employment satisfaction for people who like to work in their pajamas from home... or so we tell people.

"‘Eh, It’s a job. And it’s flexible enough that it doesn’t take away from my ride-share driving gig. I also don’t have to put on pants for it, so there’s that. Unlike my ride-share gig…" —Albert

"It's not so much of a job as it is something you waste time doing and are rewarded with a fiat currency." —Cecil

About Glass Temple Games:

Glass Temple Games has been creating quality interactive media since 2016. Founded by industry veteran Sean Coll, Glass Temple Games seeks to independently develop games with a lasting impression and engaging replayability. With a lifelong passion fueling the production of titles such as Space Cat Trucker and Miney Company: A Data Racket, Glass Temple Games vows to service the gaming community but never have games as a service.

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