GameChanger Charity Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary as 2018 Donations Surpass $18 Million

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GameChanger Charity Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary as 2018 Donations Surpass $18 Million

Postby ccgr » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:19 pm

GameChanger Charity Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary as 2018 Donations Surpass $18
Million, Treyarch Chairman Mark Lamia Joins Board of Directors

GameChanger Charity and Former Twitch EVP Jonathan Shipman Reveal ZOTT, a New
Web-based Content Platform Revolutionizing Patients’ Freedom to Play, Learn and

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Feb. 22, 2018 – GameChanger Charity, a global non-profit
enterprise providing aid and relief for young people battling life-threatening
illnesses, as well as their families and caregivers, is commemorating its 10th
anniversary with the news it has already secured donations valued over $18 million
for 2018. The lion’s share of this achievement is thanks to a generous in-kind gift
from Microsoft of one-year Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, which will be distributed
to patients in children’s hospitals around the world and help further drive
GameChanger’s outreach efforts.

“As a young cancer patient, I was stunned by the lack of entertainment, education
and social interaction available in hospitals, as well as by the devastating effects
this absence of communal and intellectual stimulation can have on kids and young
adults,” said Taylor Carol, who co-founded GameChanger Charity with his father, Jim
Carol, in 2007 after his own experience with childhood leukemia. “GameChanger was
born from the belief that every person has a right to play, learn and socialize.
We’re immensely grateful for every opportunity we’re given to bring even a moment of
joy into the lives of those who fight the impossible each and every day.”

In addition, GameChanger Charity has announced that Mark Lamia, Chairman and former
Studio Head of Treyarch, an award-winning development studio in the Call of Duty®
franchise, has joined GameChanger Charity’s board of directors. This is the latest
creative addition to the board, which includes massively popular YouTuber Jordan
Maron, also known as CaptainSparklez.

“Ever since I learned about GameChanger’s mission, I have been inspired by their
work to join their calling, which proves the power that human connection and play
can have for those facing the unthinkable,” said Lamia. “Today I’m honored to join
the passionate people who have made this force for good possible, as we look forward
to the next decade of gaming and giving.”

GameChanger Charity is also proud to reveal a new venture called ZOTT (,
a private, for-profit subsidiary of GameChanger Charity created to advance its
mission to improve the lives of patients around the world through technology and
innovation. ZOTT is an over-the-top (OTT), multi-channel media distribution platform
with a network of highly curated entertainment and educational content services for
patients and administrators in hospitals. ZOTT has appointed Jonathan Shipman, a
founding member and former executive vice president of broadcaster product
development and video platform technologies at Twitch, as the company’s new

“I know from my own son’s experience the positive impact meaningful opportunities to
play, learn and socialize can have for those fighting through a life-threatening
illness and the ensuing recovery, especially at a young age,” said Shipman. “ZOTT is
a new leap forward in patient engagement and support, with the power to scale
GameChanger’s founding mission for socioeconomic good upward around the world.
You’ll be hearing a lot more from us in the coming year.”

ZOTT is currently in pilot programs at a number of prominent pediatric facilities
around the United States, including Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio,
Children’s Hospital Colorado, and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. ZOTT has also
partnered with the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Children’s
Hospital Colorado to measure the platform’s impact on patients in a wide range of
developmental and rehabilitative categories as it grows further.

About GameChanger Charity

GameChanger Charity's mission is to leverage innovation and technology
to empower patients to play, learn, and socialize. Taylor Carol co-founded
GameChanger Charity with his father, Jim Carol, in 2007 after his own experience
with childhood leukemia. GameChanger has delivered programs to over 100 hospitals
and 25,000 pediatric hospital rooms in the past four years alone.

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