Heavy Metal Mayhem Meets the Zombie Infested Post-Apocalypse in Double Kick Heroes

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Heavy Metal Mayhem Meets the Zombie Infested Post-Apocalypse in Double Kick Heroes

Postby ccgr » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:10 pm

Heavy Metal Mayhem Meets the Zombie Infested Post-Apocalypse in Double Kick Heroes

Southwest of France (Feb. 21, 2018) -- Today French developer, Headbang Club is prepared to go heavy metal on your *** with Double Kick Heroes as it announces the game will enter Steam Early Access on April 11, 2018. Are you bored to tears with bland soundtracks? Are you in need of a little something to get your blood pumping? Merging face-melting heavy metal rhythm riffs with a high octane, zombie crushing shoot 'em up, Double Kick Heroes is like no game you've ever seen before.

Inspired by the worlds of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino (From Dusk til Dawn, Grindhouse, Machete), players lead their band on an explosive road trip through the wasteland blasting zombies with their Gundillac and crushing them with the power of METAL. The game will pack in 30 songs (18 songs for Early Access, 30 for final release), half a dozen chapters of adventures and a community level editor that will allow any music to be played to the soothing rhythm of exploding zombie skulls.

Lincoln, Snake, Derek, Randi and James; five metalheads who find themselves in the precarious position of surviving the zombie apocalypse. Left on their own in a world gone mad all they have to get by is their heavy metal shredding skills and the 'Gundillac'. A high speed, upgradeable weapon on wheels powered by the almighty double kick, the Gundillac lays waste to all that chase it down.

Shoot zombies by beating the keyboard just like you'd hammer a drum kit. Sounds easy? Don't be fooled! Players will have no choice but to master the Double Kick (a drumming technique used to speed up music) if they want to survive as they thrash to an eventual 30 unique metal tracks (18 available in Early Access) composed by the legendary Elmobo. Play through Arcade Mode or venture into the Story Mode, where players just might come across some of their own Heavy Metal Heroes.

Key Features
Double kick zombies in the face with insane metal music! Can you keep up?
18 face-melting metal songs (30 at final release) by legendary video game AND metal composer, Elmobo.
Import your own music, play community designed tracks, edit your favorite songs and share challenges!
A killer, Robert Rodriguez infused background story all about being weird and living for Sex, Drugs and Heavy Metal.
Explosions, rebels, militias, undead, road-rage, madness, apocalypse! Nothing the Gundillac can't handle on the fury road! Hell yeah!
The ONLY rock and metal rhythm game on Steam!

Double Kick Heroes will be available on Steam in Early Access for Windows PC on April 11, 2018.

About Headbang Club

Created in December 2015, Headbang Club is Gyhyom, Blackmagic, and Elmobo. Three game developer pals who decided to make a crazy, explosive rhythm game with a Tarantino and Rodriguez feel. They published Double Kick Heroes and after receiving a ton of positive feedback they decided to make it a bigger game.

For more information, please visit http://headbang.club

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