Bouncy Smash launches today on iOS devices *and* Apple TV

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Bouncy Smash launches today on iOS devices *and* Apple TV

Postby ccgr » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:58 pm

IV Studio's debut title BOUNCY SMASH happens to be launching today on iOS devices *and* Apple TV :)

App Store URL: ... 50381?mt=8

IV Studio executive producer Samuel Cowden has also written a blog post about the
game's journey from prototype to completion on Medium:

Inspired by retro classics Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, Bouncy Smash merges
quick-paced “twitch” gameplay with the fully-realized worlds of more modern fare
such as Downwell, Alto's Adventure, and Monument Valley. Bouncy Smash is an iOS
exclusive and was also recently nominated as Bit Awards’ “Mobile Game of the


Zac Dixon (Creative Director, IV Studio):
"Bouncy Smash charts a new path for us. We’ve made a game we can all be proud of“
featuring the high-end production values, character design, and animation
previously seen on Solus, our animated short. We poured everything we have into

Samuel Cowden (Executive Producer, IV Studio):
"Bouncy Smash is a game for the thrill-seekers among you: those who miss those hot
summer days spent at the neighborhood arcade. The game is chock-full of standard and
dynamic content “ like daily and weekly challenges to keep things fresh and reward
highly skilled players. There will never be a shortage of duplicants to smash,
levels to beat, and new outfits to unlock in Bouncy Smash."

It's 2019. The Tyller Corporation has developed synthetic beings they call
“duplicants,” which eventually (and predictably) revolt. Special squads known as
“smashers” – which includes you, a smasher named Arlo – are ordered to
eliminate all duplicants at all costs….

To succeed in Bouncy Smash, you must come to grips with the perfect bounce:
split-second timing and pinpoint-accurate downward movement that crush wave after
wave of evil bounce-lings. For best results, augment your attack effectiveness with
four powerful smashing abilities ... and take them all out in one blow! If you
finish a wave, you earn the option to choose a valuable perk – such as a 20%
higher bounce bonus. Are you prepared to face a veritable army of fearless

* Experience the best in arcade-style platforming gameplay with colorful,
challenging levels.
* Rack up massive high scores to bounce your way up the leaderboards.
* Customize your character with fun outfits and color skins – each with their
own upgrades.
* Use four skills to make your character even more powerful.
* Test your bounce and smash skills in intense daily and weekly challenges.
* Play your way with support for English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian,
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Swedish.

Bouncy Smash is now available on the App Store. The game is free and includes in-app

App Store: ... 50381?mt=8

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