Become A Powerful Sorcerer’s Disciple In 3D Fantasy RPG ‘Apprentice Arriving’ Casting Its Spells On Steam™

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Become A Powerful Sorcerer’s Disciple In 3D Fantasy RPG ‘Apprentice Arriving’ Casting Its Spells On Steam™

Post by ccgr »

Become A Powerful Sorcerer’s Disciple In 3D Fantasy RPG ‘Apprentice Arriving’ Casting Its Spells On STEAM™

A Unique Blend Of Modern Gaming With Retro Elements!

San Francisco, CA, February 25th 2021: Indie game developer and publisher Jewel Seeker Entertainment is proud to invite prospect sorcerers to tryout Apprentice Arriving, an exciting 3rd person narrative-driven fantasy RPG available via Early Access on STEAM™. Blessed with incredible powers you are destined to become the next apprentice, and you are challenged to embark on a wonderous and dangerous adventure of epic proportions.

Apprentice Arriving offers a profound story with many surprising elements. You play as Prince Landon sent forth to the region of Dormum, the home of wizards. There you will fight Maira’s mystical creatures to become a true Paladin and you will be subjected to trials that aims to awake your slumbering powers. Using your newfound abilities, you must overcome the evil forces at work in a world of darkness on a journey beyond your wildest imagination.

Apprentice Arriving is a 3rd person narrative-driven RPG. You fight powerful enemies that make the ground shake by their sheer presence, and encounter obstacles that challenge your physical and mental abilities. You will learn to use powerful magic and skills performed with all kinds of swords to defeat the enemies in action-packed, dynamic battles and you can combine your skills and learn to use them effectively in your own style until you perfected them.

Apprentice Arriving includes a lot of gameplay for an Early Access title still in development. You can explore the Aclendi Woods, a dreamy yet treacherous forest kingdom full of secrets; there are element magic skills, several types of swords, weapon enhancements, items to improve your character, a level-up system, enemies to battle, hidden quests and a boss fight. The game is updated on a regular basis to incorporate more content and new features such as NPCs, additional quests, new attack moves, weapons, monster components to collect and more polished animations and balanced combat. Other upcoming features include Multiplayer Co-Op, a split-screen mode and fully customizable avatars. The community is important to the developer, and feedback is vital to further support and strengthen the game.


A Beautiful World Of Magic
A Compelling & Immersive Story
Masterfully Forged Weapons
Tactical and Skill-based Combat
Secrets & Treasure Chests
Powerful Spells To Master
Side-Quests & Secret-Quests
Puzzles & Surprises

Apprentice Arriving is available via Early Access on STEAM™: ... _Arriving/
Check out the game-manual from here:

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