Another story? Seriously Heidi?

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Another story? Seriously Heidi?

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Welp, you heard me right, I’m writing a book/story thing, I just finished chapter one this week. If you guys read it over....Idk gave me some suggestions, That’d be epic, the story is about two dragons (Possibly more as the story progresses) and, NO, in no ways am I saying this is a story about devils. This is about two dragons, good non-evil dragons. Only gore in this is a couple dead animals or dragons, nothing graphic, k, read it over, enjoy yourself, bai bai.

Flying through Storms.

Chapter One.

She tucked her wings over her head, not wanting the others to see her. It was hatching day. About thirty other dragons had been hatched in the nursery that day. But, none of the dragons were like her. She had no claws, no self defense and no idea what to do with herself. Flurry was a white colored dragon, pale colored wings, and a snout that looked as a powdered doughnut. a SnowDragon. She was unlike the ice claws. “Alright class. Let’s review about how to survive and about the war against different dragons!” A SandTalon with sandy colors shifted across the room. “There is seven different dragon colonies. OceanScales, OceanScales can shoot water out of their horns and can swim as fast as dolphins. SandTalons, SandTalons can melt their scales into the sand and hide and have a barbed tail. IceClaws, IceClaws have sharp claws to shift ice into statues and fight others, and can shoot icy breath. SnowDragons, Well SnowDragons are useless.” The class laughed. Flurry face turned red. “MoonTail powers aren’t known at the moment....GrassHorns, GrassHorns can shoot spikes out of their back. and don’t forget about the LavaWings, They can shift their scales into fire and lava!” She walked around the dragons. “Good luck my hatchlings. Don’t die out there!” She slammed the door close with her tail, locking all the dragons out. That was their fifth and last lesson.

A OceanScale approached Flurry. “I can’t believe you don’t have claws!” He had green gills and bright yellow wings. He lunged forward clawing the air. Flurry hid in her own wings. “What? You scared?” The OceanScale’s friend SandTalon chuckled. “Oh my! Look at the liwwle lazy SnowDragon! scared of her own shadow!” *I’m lacking claws, not courage...* “Leave her alone.” A dark scaled dragon with purple and green colored wings said from the shadows. *How long has he been there...He doesn’t look like any MoonTail I’ve ever seen.* Flurry had seen many different dragons because of the hatching, but none like him. currently watching their moves, he unfolded his wings and took a claw closer.

careful not to seem weak, he held his chest high. he walked his way over to Flurry, keeping his gaze on the other hatchlings. standing in front of her guarding her as he spoke. “Pick on some dragon your own size, or else.” He stomped his talon down onto the ground, making it clear he was willing to fight. “You and what army?” The OceanScale cracked. The shadow-like dragon looked behind him. Flurry was cowering behind him making herself seem small as possible. He slightly tilted his head towards the others. And nudged her with his tail. She sat up wearily. “M-m-m-me.” Flurry stuttered. The black dragon lifted his wings in the air, showing his shiny green purple scales, It glimmered from the patch of sunlight coming down from the cave.

“I told you, leave us alone.” He said. He stomped his claws onto the cave floor. *That must hurt...* Even though the cave ground was dirty and sandy in some parts the cave ground was hard on talons. “I said, Leave!” The dragon stormed. “C’mon Sandwich, this isn’t worth our time” The OceanScale said to the SandTalon. They both padded away. “T-thanks for saving me...My name’s Flurry.” She said and smiled. “Name’s Eldrot.” Eldrot said. He started walking towards the cave’s exit “I’m named after a king named Eldrot The Dead” Eldrot scowled. “But you’re not dead, so it doesn’t matter!” Edlrot rolled his eyes. Flurry followed after him.

“What kind of dragon are you?” She said, when she caught up to him. “Look, now that we’ve hatched, we walk outside the cave and go on our own.” He said, folding his wings out. “But...You won’t survive on your own!” She said and pounced in-front of him. He stopped. “I guess you’re right...But, on one condition.” He said, wrinkling his snout. “What?” Flurry replied. She extended her talons. “That you never mention I was hatched here.” He folded his wings together onto his side. “Okay. Sure.” She smiled.

“Let’s find a place to rest and find some prey. And not become prey.” Eldrot said. “Okay!” Flurry agreed. “That way.” He pointed his claw at the grass clearing. Flurry bounded towards it. “Wait!” Eldrot said. He chased after her. Eldrot slammed into Flurry when she stopped in her tracks. She drew her gaze to another dragon in the clearing. *A OceanScale knight.*

She thought. Eldrot threw her a gaze telling her that they should get out of here. The air was misty. Fog had formed around the clearing. “What...How...Fog doesn’t form that fast...” Eldrot whispered. A loud screech cut the air in half. It was a squeaky screech that almost pierced Flurry and Eldrot’s ears. A dark cloud bubbled over the OceanScale. Armor clattered as the black smoke billowed. Then, silence. Eldrot put his wing over Flurry. A couple more minutes of complete quietness passed. Until the black cloud flew into the air, making it thinner as a spun into the air to the point where it was gone into thin air. And the OceanScale that was once alive was just a corpse. “Eldrot...” Flurry said slowly. “My gut is telling me we should get out of here.” He replied.

Flurry and Eldrot ran across the grass, not daring enough to look back. Clouds had formed by the time they were at a broken down wooden hut. It was made out of broken down wood. It was extremely flimsy, rain leaked in through the roof easily. “We sleep here. Tomorrow we can look for a better shelter.” Eldrot said. He walked over to the corner of the hut, and curled up in a black winged ball with a tail. Flurry walked over to him and rested her head on his shoulder. “Goodmoon, Eldrot.” She said. “Goodmoon, Flurry...” He said as he felt his eyelids drooping down his eyes.

Many moons passed. “Eldrooooootttttt!” Flurry pounced on his tail. She spread her wings out, almost taking up the entire hut’s space. “What, Flurry...” he said, swooping his tail closer to his side. “It’s early...” He choked out. “You’re going to teach me to hunt!” She said and bounced around the hut. “I am?” He yawned, smacking his jaws together. “You are!” She fell onto her talons, and crouched down in the grass. “Imma be the best hunter ever!” She clawed at the grass with her claws. Pieces of grass flew in the air.

“Is that so?” Eldrot snorted. “Awwww, c’mon Sleepy snout...we’re almost full grown and you haven’t even taught me how to hunt!” She rubbed her muzzle on his wings. “Fine...But I’m getting the first deer we find.” He lifted his wings up in the air. He lifted himself up, slowly. “I’m soooooo glad you paid attention to the lessons...” Eldrot said sarcastically. He walked his way towards the hut exit. “Remember, I don’t have claws...and my teeth aren’t fully grown in yet either...” Flurry drooped her tail. “Flurry...” Eldrot drew his gaze at her and then back at the outside. *It’s all fog and clouds...* The outside was just a great big cloudy sky. The ground was there, but it wasn’t very visible.

“How do we hunt now?” Flurry said, drooping her wings. “Don’t worry. I’ll get us something...” Eldrot replied. His scales were very glossy in the fogged air. The purple almost looked slightly blue at this point. He stepped outside, his wings flared causing the fog to part. “If we beat our wings enough the fog will slowly diminish.” He said over his shoulder. “Okay.” Flurry said and walked towards him. He walked first into the clouds. Flurry followed.

“What do you think happened to that OceanScale last night?” Flurry said. She beat her wings harder to see Eldrot’s silhouette in the fog. “I don’t know. And I don’t *want* to know.” He said. They were in a forest. Trees surrounded them as they walked across the earth. Vines snapped over their wings. It was harder and harder to part the fog with their wings getting caught on vines. “Where are we going?” Flurry said to Eldrot. She skipped over a loose trunk. “Out of this forest-“ He pounced on Flurry and pinned her to the ground, they both crouched onto the ground. “What are you doing?” Flurry said, she struggled her talons out of Eldrot’s grasp. “Shhhh!” He put his talon on her snout. “I hear something...” He whispered.

Vines and branches snapped in the distance. The sound gained closer and closer. “Hide.” Eldrot spread mud on Flurry’s snout and wings. He covered himself in vines and shoved him and Flurry into the shadows. “It’s clear.” A voice in the distance said. “Do you think that some dragons would hide in the fog?” dragons appeared out of the shadows, it was a GrassHorn army. “Dragons out here? Nah...” The tallest and strongest looking dragon sighed. “We will continue the search tomorrow. *Search for what...* Flurry thought. “Come on guys.” The largest one said, they marched away. The clanking of GrassHorn armor was fading. Eldrot and her stayed hidden for a couple more moments. “I think they’re gone...” Eldrot let go of Flurry.

“We need to get out of here.” Eldrot brushed his wings against her’s. She glanced up into the sky. “I have an idea.” She ran into the direction that the GrassHorns went. “What! What are you doing?!” He ran after her. She crouched down under a bush. Eldrot sat next to her. “If they came this way, they live somewhere, and if they live somewhere, they have food and water, maybe we can grab some for our own.” She whispered into his ear. Eldrot stood up and sniffed the air, he whacked his tail through the air. “This way.” He pointed his talon towards the GrassHorn base.

He and her lightly walked across the grass. They needed to not giveaway their location, it was fatal that they didn’t get caught, if they got caught, who knows what will happen to them. They saw a Grass made treehouse, sticks and logs were loose between the grass strands. “Stay here.” Eldrot turned himself into the shadows, Flurry spread her wings into the grass. He slithered his way into the base within the shadows. He heard a muffled sound. He walked lightly across the wood. A hole was near him, he looked into it. Three dragons were standing, talking to their queen. “Bitter squash! I can’t believe how you rats let that rabbit go! We have barely any food!” She threw her wings in the air, and clawed the ground with her talons, little pieces of wood splintered as she scratched the oak.

“Oh queen floral, please have mercy on us.” The second dragon bowed down at her and spread his wings downwards. “I guess so, but you owe me three turkeys, idiot.” She shook her talons towards the door as the three dragons departed. *Queen floral...* Eldrot thought. *Flurry’s counting on me, I need to get food.*

He slivered back into the shadows. A hole with a smell of food came into scent. *Aha!* He tilted his talon into the hole, a dead rabbit caught his grasp. *Perfect!* He grabbed a deer, two rabbits, a mole, and five ferrets, then he slivered back into the shadows. “You got the food!” Flurry twined her tail with his. “Shhh...” Eldrot put his talon on her snout. She nodded, they walked back to the broken hut. “Okay, we need a better shelter.” Eldrot whispered at her. “Okay.” She said and grinned.

By the time Flurry and him got to the hut, it was nighttime. He curled up into a ball and munched on a rabbit. Flurry ate some deer. She put the rest of the food into a hole near the creek near their house. She snuggled next to Eldrot and rested her head on his shoulder. “Goodnight, Eldrot...” She murmured. “Goodnight Flurry..”

The next morning, Flurry wasn’t in the hut. “Flurry?” He lifted his wings up. No response. He walked outside the hut to see a black MoonTail that was ten times bigger then Eldrot. She was holding Flurry violently. “Ohh, Eldrot, Eldrot, Eldrot” She mused. *How does she know my name...?* “Put Flurry down.” He stomped his claw onto the ground. “Aw, but that wouldn’t be any fun!” She flicked her tail up into the air. “Leave her alone!” He hissed at her. The dragon pounced at Eldrot. Eldrot sunk his teeth into her scales. He then clawed her face, she clawed back. Clawing Eldrot’s eye. He blinked furiously to seize the pain. Flurry watched and gasped in the background, she couldn’t fight. Eldrot tackled the black dragon again, and bit her stomach. He then slammed his body into her, causing her to slam into the hut, it fell. She stood up, took a breath, and then tackled Eldrot, and clawed his stomach, causing him to fall over. “Eldrot!” Flurry gasped.

He blinked twice, his eyes still stung, he was in a giant black room, lined with purple triangles. *Where am I...?* Then he realized, “Flurry?!” He leaped up and stood. Flurry was no where to be seen. A MoonTail walked over to him. “Your friend won’t be here, Warrior.” He said and flicked his tail at Eldrot. “Warrior?” He scowled at the MoonTail. “Yes, you will be a warrior.” He walked out of the room. Eldrot stood there for a moment, until the MoonTail that attacked him came in. “Okay, Eldrot, let me explain...My name is Violet.” She sat down. “How do you know my name?” He took a claw closer to her. “You were hatched in the nursery, You didn’t look like any MoonTail I’ve seen, So we took you, dropped you at the National dragon Nursery.” He flicked his tail wildly against the ground, shadows fell over his snout. “Then why did you come back for me...and take my friend!” He lashed his body towards the dragon, his chains caught him, slamming him onto the ground. “Oh. Well...” She circled around Eldrot, flicking her tail on his snout. Eldrot threw her a mad gaze. She quickly snapped her claws at him and removed a black object that was once on his scales. “See this?” She took it and smashed it onto the ground. “Tracking device.” She smirked. “Why you little...” Eldrot slammed his tail onto the floor with a mad thud. “I thought maybe I could use you as a warrior, or tiger bait.”

She snapped her talons together. Another MoonTail came to her and handed her a piece of paper. She took the paper and lay it down on the ground. “See this? This is where all the defunct dragons live.” She pointed her talon to a small cave on a side of a volcano on the map, near the LavaWing territory. “This is where your friend will...relax.” She smirked. Eldrot jumped at her. “Please, leave her alone. Take me and toss me into lava, just don’t hurt Flurry!” Eldrot crouched down in defeat. “Nah, I rather put you in our training-cave, Flurry will be put to death or to the defunct den. Eldrot gasped. “Why would you want a dragon dead, her body is no use to you!” He snapped at his chains. “You have a point...I’ll just put her in the defunct cave. You have one night to say goodbye to your friend, forever.” She smiled grimly.

The doors of the room barged open, a guard held Flurry violently. “Flurry!” Eldrot pounced forward. The guard let go of Flurry. She ran towards him and put herself under his wings. “Goodnight, idiots.” Violet slammed the doors shut. “Eldrot! I’m so glad your alive!” Flurry twined her tail with his, she hugged him. “Same with you! I thought they took you away!” *Or worse* He couldn’t imagine Flurry being put to death, or tortured for the fun of it. “We have to get out of here.” Eldrot pointed his talon to the chains. “Eldrot, you’re part MoonTail? Right?” Eldrot nodded slightly. “Moon tails can breath fire! Try to melt the metal!” “But I never breathed fire!” “Try! This is our last chance!” “But I don’t want-“ She bit hard on to his tail, he spit a large flame of black fire. The metal melted. “Owww...” He rubbed his tail with his talons. “Sorry!” She rubbed her snout on his. “Okay, if we sneak through this place, we can find the exit.” Eldrot chimed in. “I bet I can claw through this metal in no time!” Eldrot ran at the doors and started chewing.

Moments passed by as Eldrot worked through the doors.

“Eldrot.” Flurry’s eyes darkened. Eldrot’s face turned into a worried look. “Flurry?” Eldrot whisked his tail over on her wings. “What did she mean about...Defunct” Eldrot immediately knew she heard through the doors. “Flurry...” he put his talon on her snout, lifting it up gently. “You aren’t defunct.” Flurry closed her eyes and turned her head at the ground. Eldrot opened his snout to say something. He immediately closed it before he made a noise. “I’m a useless, pathetic, snow dragon. No one wants me!” She lashed her tail at the ground. “You are not useless!” Eldrot grabbed her. “You have me. And I think you’re perfect.” He let go of her. “You only like me because your pathetic and needy as I am!” Flurry threw her claws at the ground. Eldrot lowered his wings, into a drooping stage. Flurry turned his gaze at him, a small crystal tear fell from his cheek. “I...I didn’t mean...” She opened and closed her mouth trying to fit words together. “I’m sorry.” Flurry drooped her wings down. “I just...” “No, I know I’m pathetic, useless MoonTail hybrid, parents dumped the stupid thing at a nursery.” He murmured. He walked over to the doors slowly. “I’ll get clawing...the doors open...” He scratched his claws pathetically across the doors into shrivers of black wood.

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Re: Another story? Seriously Heidi?

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(Sorry for resurrecting this thread)

Wow, this is really, really good!

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