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Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:01 pm
by Eagle Eyes
Mark moved around in his chair and said “Hi, well you’re right. I wanted to tell you something.” He paused for a moment to get his courage together.

She was waiting patiently for him to finish and he continued after he unsuccessfully tried to get his courage and said “It was important… but I can’t remember what it was.”

Feeling stupid for lying he got up to leave and M.C. then asked “I know you don’t want to tell me anymore, but why don’t you just say it and get it over with? Were you fired today? Because you look like you didn’t sleep and are stressed out.”

Mark looked at her blinking his eyes, he could hear the undertone of suspicion of lying to her in her voice, he could see it on her face and he answered “No, I wasn’t fired and yes I didn’t sleep last night. I can’t just say it and get it over with because it’s a very delicate matter.”

He turned and opened the door and left. She knew she made him cross with her but she couldn’t help but think what could be so important that it’s so delicate. She then got up and started to get her things ready that she needed for the next day.

When Ray got to his large two story home he went straight to his kitchen with granite tops and Kiaat cupboards. He switched on the kettle and made a cup of coffee then went to his bedroom upstairs. There he lay down and thought about the days events and thought M.C. must have some guts to sit in the chair of the big boss of any company. He then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He woke up the next morning feeling a bit better, he got up from his queen sized bed and had a shower. When he got out he combed his hair and got dressed. As he opened the front door to leave Sibel was standing in the door.

And Sibel said “Good morning.”

Ray replied ”Good morning to you too. I’m sorry, I’m late for a meeting, can we move this to tonight maybe?” He asked having clean forgotten to let her know he won’t be able to join her for a movie.

She replied “Yes, it’s okay. You can be lucky it’s valid for three schedules today. But don’t be later than eight o’clock.”

Ray then said “Okay, thank you for understanding.” He then gave her a kiss and left for work.

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Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:45 pm
by Chozon1
sleep and is stressed out

Is to are and

“No, I weren’t fired

Weren't to wasn't...still interesting, and I still don't know what's going to happen next. O_o

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Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:06 am
by Eagle Eyes
Thanx chozon

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Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:56 am
by Eagle Eyes
When he arrived at his office he was just in time for a meeting with a very big and very loyal client and as he passed his secretary on the way to the conference room he said "Have you looked at those papers yet?" She replied "Yes, but nothing so far sir." Then he disappeared into the conference room.

An hour after he arrived M.C. came in and waited with his secretary. When Ray finished he went back to his office as he came closer M.C. stood up and Ray invited her into his office and said to his secretary “Please organise two coffees and take five minutes break after that.” The secretary replied “Will do and thank you for the break, sir.”

He closed the door and saw she already made herself at home. He sat down and asked “Yes?” He kept his eyes on her. She looked up from her bag she had on her lap and said “I just came to tell you where I’m going to start, just so you are informed of my movements.” She relaxed into her chair then and continued “I was thinking of starting at the very bottom and then go up, I will come in every morning and tell you where I’ll be doing what. I’ll mostly go through files and ask questions. However I’ll need computer access and my own set of keys for all areas, if that’s fine with you?”

Ray only listened halfway, this problem is really getting on his nerves, the only thing he can recall from what she said was that she’s going to start from the bottom up and that she needs access to something and keys and she wants to if it’s fine with him. He looked at her wide eyed, having missed half of what she said he replied “Urm… It’s ok.”

Just then the door opened gently and the secretary came in with the coffee, she set the silver tray with two cups of coffee, sugar and milk on the desk and left again and closed the door.

Ray then took a piece of paper from his desk drawer and wrote “Do not disturb me, I’m busy.” He then got up, went to the door and stuck it on the outside of the door. On his way back to the desk M.C. found it strange and asked “Why did you do that?” Ray looked at her and replied with only slight disgust “Because of my girlfriend.”

M.C. found that really strange, why would the boss put a do not disturb sign up for his girlfriend? She then decided to wipe the thought away “It’s none of my business anyway.” She thought and decided to go on with what she want to say, drink her coffee and get to work. “Well as I was saying, from the bottom up. Today I’m going to start with the clea….”

The door opened viciously and Sibel came storming in once more, M.C., being startled by the louder than life noise jumped up uneasily from her chair and stared angrily at this crazy woman. Ray was also startled and stomped his way to her stopping her in her tracks. He held her by the waist and she hissed “Who is she?!! And what is she doing in your office?!!” Struggling to hold on her he replied with even bigger rage “We are in a meeting Sibel!!”

M.C. decided she now knows why he put the sign up and decided she’ll down the rest of her coffee and get going. She aimed for the door and moved along the wall to get past the angry crazy woman and just as she reached the door Ray lost his grip on Sibel and she went charging towards M.C..

She crashed into M.C. sending them both into the wall and Sibel scratched M.C. in the neck. M.C. backed into the corner and felt the blood gliding down her chest. She kept an eye on Sibel as she said “Don’t.” It was just as good as if she gave Sibel the go ahead because she charged once more. Ray stood there, numbed by how quickly Sibel moved, he saw her second attack and tried to stop her but it was too late, she already flew into M.C..

M.C. was getting angry and decided, no more.

She pushed Sibel back and she stumbled into ray and came charging again, but this time M.C. was ready for her and as Sibel came into arm range she punched her in the face but Sibel came again and M.C. replied by dropping to the floor tripping Sibel sending her flying with her own momentum into the wall.

Sibel fell and lay on her back. M.C. stood up, just slightly concerned and went to check her pulse.

She looked at Ray. Ray returned a very astonished and surprised look at M.C. and then he looked at Sibel and his expression changed to an angry one, for she was starting to move again.

M.C. realised she was moving again “Keep your mad chick on a leash!!” She hissed and stopped Ray from speaking by saying “And tell her to stay out of my way, because next time I won’t be so friendly!” She moved to the door and glanced back at Sibel, she then went through and slammed the door so hard it opened again and startled Sibel so much she jumped to her feet.

Feeling an awful amount of pain in her head and on her face she searched for the couch and sat down, then she heard another ear deafening slam from the door and screamed from the pain in her head. She then curled on the couch holding her head with both hands.

Sorry i took so long, But here it is.... Finally.

LOL enjoy.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:52 am
by Chozon1
I liked the update. Nice fight scene. :D M.C. takes no guff.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:53 pm
by Eagle Eyes
Thanx chozon.

Keep your eyes peeled the next update is coming soon.

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Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:09 pm
by jester747
I CORDIALLY approve of this thread for political reasons.

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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:07 am
by Eagle Eyes
I CORDIALLY approve of this thread for political reasons.


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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:28 am
by Eagle Eyes
Hey guys, Here is the long awaited update.

Hope you enjoy, plus hehehehe

I have my mom to thank for this one being early in comparison to the other updates.

Thanx MOM :!:

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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:30 am
by Eagle Eyes
Ray stormed out the door going after M.C. to give her an explanation.
He finally caught up to her in the car park. Out of breath he caught her arm and held on so he doesn’t fall over from trying to catch his breath.
M.C. turned only to see an exhausted Ray holding onto her arm, she allowed him to hold on and she helped him to her car, she opened the passenger door and let him sit there. She then walked around and got in the driver’s seat. She waited a moment and then asked, “What is it?”. Ray looked up at her and saw the mark on her neck and then remembered he wanted to give her and explanation. He started saying “I’m sorry….” “Close the door.”. She fell into his sentence with her demand. Startled, he closed the door.
She started the engine of her Ford Mustang and it was like music to her ears, she put it into first gear and headed home to change her clothes.
Ray not knowing what to expect, put on his seatbelt and started over with what he wanted to say.

Ray: “I’m sorry about what my girlfriend did to you, she’s not usually like that.”
M.C.: “It’s alright, you don’t need to explain and you don’t need to say sorry on her behalf. As far as I’m concerned you were an innocent bystander. She’s the one that should apologise, not you.”
Ray: “But I don’t understand why she freaked out with you. I have lots of business women going in and out of my office and you are no different than the rest of them.”
M.C.: “Unfortunately all women respond to me that way, she just caught me off guard.”
Ray: “Is that so?”
M.C.: “Yes, why do you think I can defend myself against a crazed woman?”
Ray: “Thought maybe you did boxing for a while.”
M.C.: She laughed “Yeah right and I thought it was the Noddy Club.” She said, still angry with what happened.
Ray: “Well, whatever you done before it sure pays off in your self defence.”
M.C.: “I never did anything. I plainly follow my instinct.”
Ray: “Instinct huh?”
M.C.: “Jip. All it is.”

The car was quiet for the rest of the trip.
Ray stared out of the window thinking how full of surprises this woman is, that she actually can put Sibel back in her place was remarkable. He was thinking about the fight in detail.

M.C. realised she was driving angry, she knew she shouldn’t, but she did. She looked at the speedometer and saw she was going a good way above the speed limit. She was practically racing when she started slowing down. She stopped in front of her one storey house with the large sleeper wood door.

She unlocked and went straight to her bedroom to change her clothes.

Ray got out of the car and went inside. He was greeted by a beautiful yet simple lounge with a beautiful yet simple lounge suite. There was a pretty coffee table and tv cabinet with a medium sized tv.

He went further inward and was greeted, in the next room, by a beautifully stylish Ironwood dining table with matching chairs and display cupboard.

“The next room must be the kitchen” he said to himself as he passed through the dining room.

As he entered the kitchen he saw Rosewood cupboards with black granite tops. It was a fair sized kitchen with an elegant design.

Ray was still admiring her kitchen when M.C. stood behind him in the doorway. She said nothing, watching him admire her kitchen.

Ray stepped deeper into the kitchen telling himself “I thought her house would be as flashy as her car. But this is a really nice and cosy home. I should ask her for a few tips.” “What would you like to know?” Startled by the sudden sound of her voice he turned to see her leaning against the door, watching him. “Oh. Urm.... Nothing, right now.” It felt as if he had swallowed something huge and extremely dry.

M.C. saw he was stiffened by surprise and decided to make him feel more at ease by giving him a smile. To her surprise he did relax, she then offered him something to drink. “Would you like some coffee?” “Yes, thank you. Coffee would be nice.” They sat down in the dining room, sipping their coffee quietly.

M.C. started to feel she’s winding down, after a morning like that she really needs to take a break.

Ray could see the morning’s adventure is still on M.C.’s face and thought to himself “maybe she needs some time to recover” keeping quiet till their coffee was almost finished he finally said. “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off and recover from your ordeal? I’ll take a cab back to the office.” M.C. then replied. “Thanks, I might just do that. You sure you want to take a cab? Your office is on my way to the clinic. I think I may need stitches.” Ray never thought of stitches. “Ill go with you!”

M.C.: “Why?”

Ray: “Because I feel guilty for what Sibel did to you. I want to pay whatever costs there will be.”

M.C.: “That’s nice. But you don’t need to feel guilty....”

Ray: “Please don’t argue.”

M.C.: “Okay, let’s go then.”

Ray just got back from the clinic and was on his way to his office. When he saw his secretary he asked “Is Sibel still in my office?” His secretary answered with a worried face “Yes, she is crying sir.” “Thank you.” He said and went inside.

As he went inside his office he saw Sibel curled up on his couch clutching her ears. He closed the door quietly and went to his desk. Sibel loosened her grip on her ears and sat upright. With a headache, a bloody nose, a bump on the head that feels like a mountain and wide eyes she watched Ray as he was gathering and putting away his things so he can go home.

Sibel then asked “Why didn’t you slam the door?” Ray looked up from his desk and looked at her with a cold expression on his face and replied in an equally cold voice “Because the pain you caused on yourself is punishment enough.” He looked down again and carried on with what he was busy with and then said to her without looking up. “And you can forget about that movie tonight. I’m tired and I’m going home now and don’t try to go near my house, I’ll phone the police! I don’t want to see your face for the rest of the week! Oh yeah, Sibel” Sibel staring at him while he was talking asked “Yes?” and Ray continued “Steer clear of M.C. Manta, if you do that again you are gone. You hear?!” Sibel couldn’t move she just nodded because she couldn’t speak either. “Go home Sibel.”

Sibel didn’t think twice, she knew Ray was beyond furious about what happened just three hours earlier. She got up slowly and left without even looking back at him. She knew she made a huge mistake by attacking that woman and she knew it’s best to steer clear of both Manta and Ray. She got to her car in the car park, got in and drove away sobbing.

Ray didn’t feel anything for Sibel anymore, in fact he saw the end coming. She was too crazy for him to handle and she proved it this morning by attacking Manta. Sibel didn’t even ask if she was a client or not, she just burst in, paused for a moment and went besurk. Suddenly he thought of Charles, he doesn’t know why and while trying to figure out why the question came up “If it’s true that Sibel really is having an affair with Charles then Sibel won’t be alone after all. Right?” That thought made him even colder to Sibel and decided it’s time to let her go. He sat down in his chair and relaxed into it, turned it around and looked out the window towards the next building

M.C. finally got home after going to the clinic and dropping off Ray. Her neck felt sore and stiff. She went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. “Maybe I shouldn’t have gone for these bloody stitches! It hurts even more than it did before!!” She was standing and was blowing off some steam when she heard something fall in the lounge. She went to her dresser and opened a drawer and took out a small Beretta Tomcat, scared that it’s an intruder or Sibel, she peered around the corner outside her bedroom door. While keeping the gun out of sight for in case it’s a friendly person, she went to the next corner and saw Mark, she rattled with relief. She didn’t realise how much that woman scared her, but now she knew she was too jittery to be left alone. She put the gun in her belt.

“Mark!” She exclaimed. Mark then replied “Hi, you are sure glad to see me! Wait, what happened to your neck?” M.C. clean forgot about it and touched it only to grit her teeth and replied “Awe, was in a little wrestling match with Mr. Ray Victorian’s girlfriend.” Mark was shocked and said “It doesn’t look like it was small.” “Well, it was fast then! Happy?” All upset again she sat down on the couch.

Mark saw he made her upset and sat down next to her. “I didn’t mean to make you upset. But whatever that woman did to you, made you very jumpy.” M.C. didn’t feel like talking and just leaned on him.

Sibel got home after driving for hours. She went into her house and sat down with a box of tissues. After a while she decided to phone Charles.

“Hello?” Charles answered.
“Hello Charles, it’s Sibel.” (SNIFF)
“What’s wrong” Charles asked “Why are you crying?”
“Oh, nothing....”
“I’m coming over.”

Charles put down the phone and went to his car, got in the driver’s seat, searched and found his keys in his pocket and drove off.


Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:48 am
by Eagle Eyes
The next update will be tomorrow.

Watch this space!


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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:03 pm
by Chozon1
Nice continuation. ^_^ Why is Sibel so crazy? O_o

Good stuff.

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Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:23 am
by Eagle Eyes
Sorry for the long delay. :oops:

But here it is the much awaited update.

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Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:14 am
by Eagle Eyes

There is a problem with my computer and i cant get the next part for the next update.

Another delay


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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:17 am
by Eagle Eyes
He pressed the doorbell and tested the door, it wasn't locked, he opened it and went inside. Sibel heard the bell and then the door opening. She got up just in time to see him storm passed the lounge door. She sat down hoping he would first go look for her in her bedroom. He stopped just a few passes away from the lounge door , he turned around and went into the lounge.

He found her sitting quietly sniffing back her tears. He stood behind her for a while and then walked around and sat down next to her. They sat there for some time before she had the courage to tell him what happened.

She said, I don’t know what came over me today.

Charles: "Why so?"
Sibel: "I attacked miss M.C Manta".
Charles: "You did what? But why?"
Sibel: "I don’t know, was jealous I guess. But it is strange I never feel that way with any of the other business woman he had there before".
Charles: "Hmmm... clearly you are still upset with that and...."
Sibel: "That’s not what I am crying about, I think Ray wants to break up with me".
Sybil started sobbing all over again.
Charles had no words, so he gave her his shoulder to cry on and decided that she cant be alone, and stayed the rest of the night.

Ray sat watching the birds flock on the building, where his friend works and thought to himself, maybe I should go talk to him.
He might have an idea on what to do.... sigh, because I don’t. He sat for another few minutes and decided to pay a visit his friend.
Looking at the time and seeing how late it was he stormed through the door and saw someone sitting at his secretaries desk. Looking back, he fell over his own feet and collided with the wall across the hallway. Ray's secretary flew up to assist him.

She helped him up and he said, "Its ok now, I can stand."
"That was a hard knock on your head sir", she replied.
Ray looked at her all confused and asked "What the h**l are you still doing here?" Ugh!
He clutched his head with his hands. Next thing he knows, his secretary had brought her chair for him to sit on. He sat down.
She looked at him, shaking her head slightly and replied, "I'm working late sir. I have a lot of work to be done before I can go home. But sir?" Ray looked up at her. He never really realized how pretty she actually is. Those glasses and that hairstyle didn't do her any justice, and those clothes, he thought to himself, is this even my secretary? He snapped out of judging her look by shaking his head, only to clutch at it again.
When the pain subsided, he asked, "Yes?"
She looked at him and realized he didn't like what she looked like, she put her hands on her hips and asked "Why did you storm out that door so quickly?", she then bend down and looked him straight in the eye when he looked at her and said, "And sir, please don’t judge my attire, I'm not at a beauty pageant and I feel more comfortable in these than anything else".
Ray looked at her when she straightened and thought, "You've got guts talking to your boss that way", and said "to answer your question I was on my way to an important meeting and, I will judge your attire. To be frankly honest, you look terrible, really".
She looked at him and said, "Well sir, if you really feel that way, then I challenge you to do something about it, because I will not be spoken to like that about my attire by anyone, and that includes you, sir, my boss".
Ray was taken aback by her sudden challenge and fluttered his eyes a little, he never knew of anyone's secretary to challenge their boss like his did, and asked "You're not serious are you?"
She walk to her desk and placed her hands flat on her desk and said "Yes, I am. I don’t have time to worry about something like clothes or hairstyles. I have much more important things to worry about, and I don’t have the time to spend hours in front of the mirror. Time waits for no one, sir".
She the took her handbag and said. "I will be in early to finish my work, hope your head feels better soon".
She started walking, then stop and turn around to him and said. "Sir, I know you don't have an important meeting to go to, but I do know that you are going to talk to your friend across the road, and I know this, because you have that look about you. So please don’t run in buildings, it prooves not to be healthy for you, and tell him I say hi". She started for the door, and then was gone.

Ray was shaken by his secretary, he never would have thought that a quiet friendly girl like herself would have so much guts. It gave him the impression that she was a lot tougher than she looked. He held his head again, but not because of pain, he was thoroughly puzzled by his secretary and the worst part is, he doesn't even feel offended or angry. In fact, he gained a lot of respect for her.

He sat there still thinking about that puzzling encounter with his secretary. He decided he will rather go to his friend first thing in the morning, it was getting late.

So he got up and went down to the parking lot and found his car after a long lost feeling walk, he got in and feeling weak, gave a loud sigh, started the engine and went home.

Ray's secretary was halfway home when she heard something that sounded like a gunshot and started losing control of her car. She tried all she could and hanged on to the steering wheel with all her might, and was lucky to miss the steep downhill but wasn’t so lucky when she hit a tree.

She woke up a few minutes later, just to find her airbag didn’t work and her cellphone somehow got broken into bits. She tried the door, but it didn’t budge, she looked down just to find her right foot was wedged in the cars metal frame.

She sat quietly for a moment and thought she should try shouting. She looked around and saw no traffic and no houses. It was what she always called, the dead part of the road. Realizing shouting isn't going to help, she decided to wait. Someone would come past eventually. She checked if her battery was still working, by switching on the interior light, it did work.

So she tried her hazards, only the rear lights worked. She was satisfied with that and switched of the interior light. She then decided to be calm and just relax. She fell asleep soon after.

It was twelve at night, M.C. and Mark was still sitting in the lounge, when M.C. felt that something isn't right. M.C. stood up so quickly that Mark was completely startled. He said, "why did you do that for?" M.C. looked at him and said, "Something is wrong and even though I don’t want to, I think I must phone Ray and Sibel to hear if they are okay". Mark didn't really understand.

She went to the phone and decided to phone Sibel first and get it over. She dialed the number, it was ringing.
"Hello", Charles answered.
M.C.: "Hi Charles, is Sibel there?"
Charles: "Yes, do you want to speak to her?"
M.C.: "No its fine, just wanted to see if she was there".
Charles: "Why?"
M.C.: "I'm worried, its all, goodnight".
Charles: "Wait who are you?"
"M.C. Manta".
Charles looked at the phone, and then at Sibel. Sibel asked, "What's wrong?" Charles answered. "You know that woman you told me about? She just phoned to hear if you are okay."

Sibel was taken aback about what he said and thought why would she phone to hear if I was okay?

M.C. said to Mark, "Its not Sibel". Mark just watched her. She dialed Ray's home number. It started ringing.

Ray shot up from his bed and staggered down the stairs and just before he answered, he realized he had forgotten his slippers. He decided to get them later and picked up the phone.

Ray: "Hello"
M.C.: "Hi, how are you?"
Feeling groggy and sleepy as ever, he said. "Is this why you chased me out of my bed at all hours of the morning, just to ask me that?!"
M.C.: "Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you".
Ray could hear the worry in her voice and asked, "What is wrong".
M.C.: "I feel like something isn't right. I phoned Sibel and she is fine, then you and I still have that feeling".
Ray: "Mmm.... that’s interesting."
M.C.: "Yes, I think I am going for a drive, maybe that will calm me down".
Ray: "It might, you keep me posted, I am so awake now, I doubt if I'd sleep again".
M.C.: "Okay, I will, bye".
Ray: "Bye".

Ray thought about what M.C. said and for some unknown reason, he thought of his secretary and decided to phone her home. It was ringing.
Hello, her husband answered.
To Ray, even this guy sounded worried and said, "Hello, its Ray speaking...."
Her husband cut him off. "Have you seen my wife?"
Ray: "What? Isn't she home yet?"
Husband: "She said that she will be back before twelve o'clock, and she isn't back yet".
Ray realized he hit the jackpot, and asked. "Do You know what car she drives and which road she takes home?"
Husband: "Yes, A Honda Civic and she takes the big road next to the highway".
Ray: "Okay you stay at home, I already have someone on the road, I will keep you up to date".
Husband: "Okay, thank you very much" and he gave a heavy sigh.
Ray: "Don’t worry, I will find her for you".

Ray put down the phone and then phoned M.C.'s cell.

M.C.: "Hi Ray".
Ray: "You're right! Something is wrong, terribly!!"
M.C.: "Wow, slow down".
Ray: "I Phoned my secretary's home and her husband said that she would have been home before twelve o'clock and she is not there yet".
M.C.: "Okay, details please".
Ray for some reason know what she meant, and said. "Honda Civic and she takes the big road next to the highway".
M.C.: "Okay, I'm close by, I'll go have a look".
Ray: "Okay thanks" and put down the phone.

M.C. had lied to Ray, she was miles away, so to make up for it, she raced to that big road. Topping the clock at 160 km per hour. She was flying, when she got to the big road that she was told about, she slow down to 140 km, a while later she saw tire skid marks on the road and slow to 80 km. A few minutes later, she see the car folded around the tree.
M.C.'s Mustang came to screeching halt and she stopped next to the Honda. She saw the secretary had a big bruise and a serious cut on her forehead.

M.C.: "Hey, are you okay?"
The secretary woke up and said, "Who are you?"
M.C.: "It's me M.C. Manta".
Secretary: "O wow, am I glad to see you".
MC said, "I can believe".
Secretary: "I heard something sounded like a gunshot and then I lost control. I saw that I was heading for the downhill there and fought to steer the car the other way and ended up here. I saw no one and decided to wait, but I don’t know for how long I've been here".
M.C. touched the cars bonnet, it was still warm. "Well, you are not here that long. The car is still warm, almost hot". MC said and walked around the car and notice that one of the tires had burst. She went and stood next to the drivers door and asked "How are things inside?"
"Well", she started and try to move her foot and went on, "My foot is stuck" M.C. went to her car and fetched her toolbox. It was fairly big box about twice the size of a normal one and M.C. struggled to get it to the door. She looked up at the secretary who was very interested in what she was doing and said. "Well, this is the first time since I bought it that I took it out".
"Where did you get that thing, and why should it be so huge". The secretary asked.
M.C.: "Let’s just say my previous job needed one like this. Just relax, I'll have the door off soon".
She gave her cell to the secretary and said. "While I am busy, phone your husband, mister Ray and an ambulance".
"Okay", she said and started phoning.